Winter 2010

Edition 47 - Winter 2010

Editorial - A few words from Si Nelson-Kirby (Editor - RAF Active).

The First Ride from the Top - A one way ticket from the top of a snow and ice chute.

The Toughest Marathon in the UK - Up, up, up and occasional mud - running in the Welsh rain doesn't get more challenging than this.

Jurassic Shark 3 - A scientific shark tagging Exped off the Cocos Island, how dangerous can that be?

Storming around the Canary's - A sailing expedition around the Canary Islands delivers a lot more than expected.

A Stange Beastie - Part 2 - Am I hallucinating or is that the Loch Ness Monster? No real animals in sight, but a 'monster' first marathon.

Developing the Future - A lot more scientific than the X Factor approach to
picking future footballing talent.

A Different Sort of Rallying - Flying in the Slovak Republic and searching for the right landmark, aiming for an accurate time, followed by a precise landing. Sounds easy?

Forces Windsurf Challenge - Windsurfers support Forces charities in a demanding challenge around the Isle of Wight.

Mountain Biking with Altitude - A challenging excursion through Peru, with few home comforts and no mountain bike or kit - to begin with.

Coast to Coast - 3 PTIs from RAF Benson sit down for a brew and next thing they decide to take an RAF Benevolent Fund teddy on a rather long outing.

What's On - If you have no ideas for future events, then maybe this list will help.

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