RAF Active Spring 2011

Edition 48 - Spring 2011

Editorial - A few words from Air Cdre Richard Gammage and Leigh Postumus (Deputy Editor - RAF Active).

What's On - More opportunities for readers to join in with some adventure and sport.

Caledonian Solo - No, not a piper playing ‘Flower of Scotland’, more like ‘flowers of Scotland ‘ being run over, cycled through and paddled past in this epic race!

A Grand Day Out (Gromit) - Bad dress sense and walking on all fours – and not just in the animations!

Fly High for a Special Cause - How to feel scared and nauseous for a good cause! Just kidding! This looks awesome!

Soaring with the Condors - Feeling a little Chile? I’m not surprised at over 20,000ft in the Andes. Glider pilots reach for the sky (and get there)

Get to the Start Line - Top tips for your first Marathon from our illustrious Ed.

Active 8 - RAF Active gets to interview Ex-RAF PTI and World class paraplegic skier Sean Rose.

Olumpic Hopefuls - Getting thrown to the floor, being subjected to an arm or head lock and showing due respect to you opponents. Just another day in Sheffield (for Olympic Judo hopefuls).

Double Iron Man 2010 - What is a double Iron Man made of? Whatever it is, its probably pretty hard! Read on to find out just how hard.

Exercise Typhoon Stamina - Nice to see the youth of today getting an old fashioned tough physical workout.

On the Right Track - Ever wanted to know what zooming down a chute of ice at 60 mph is like?

RAF Active Article Award 2011 - Now in its second year, the great prizes are still on offer for a couple of articles that appear in any of the four 2011 RAF Active Issues.

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