RAF Active Summer 2011

Edition 49 - Summer 2011

Editorial - A few words from Leigh Postumus (Deputy Editor - RAF Active).

What's On - More opportunities for readers to join in with some adventure and sport.

Olympic Masters - One of our own aims high to get a place at the 2012 Olympic Games but not as a competitor.....

Skeleton Bob - No i don’t know him either but if this article is anything to judge by he is a fun guy!

Club Tropicana - The drinks are free but unfortunately all they have on offer are smoothies, energy drinks and water.

Wave Sailers get Airborne - We are sailing....wave sailing that is; and it looks pretty intense. Can’t see Rod Stewart giving it a shot!

Ultimate Powered Flying - Just like powered flying but a bit more ‘ultimate’.

Spin Cycle - Ever wondered what its like inside a washing machine whilst on spin?

Leap of Faith? - Cant be bothered for your plane to land? Why not just jump out instead! How bad can it be?

Reflections on a Year of Adventure - WO Adventurous Trg (not his real name) gives us his view of AT in the RAF.

2011 RAF Martial Arts Association Championships - Inspired me to get involved so much I ended up watching Kung-Fu Panda. Again.

The Fleece - Sometimes the oldies really are the goodies. We found this gem buried deep in the RAF Active archives and just had to share it with you again.

Article of the Year - Find out who the lucky winners were of some quality clothing and mantelpiece ‘bling’.

Active 8 - Profile of Natasha Corns - Article of the Year Winner and RAF Womens Rugby 7s Team Manager.

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