Autumn 2011

Edition 50 - Autumn 2011

Editorial - A few words from Julian Young (Director - RAF Active).

What's On - More opportunities for readers to join in with some adventure and sport.

The Ironman Experience - More and more of us (you) are getting into Ironman events. Read this to see if you can figure out why.....

Slippery When Wet! - RAF riders find their choice of rubber is crucial to their performance.

Higher than the Sun - Alps not cold enough for you? Oh thats just for starters - this lot are off somewhere a bit more inaccessible.

From Russia with Love - To Russia with skis, rifle and lycra!

Go With the Flow!- Whitewater canoeing - just around the M25 - surely some mistake?

Catch the Pigeon! - Or shoot it. Note: No pigeons were hurt in the development of this article.

Active 8 - Yet more lycra and snow. What is the attraction of all this madness? Read on to find out.

JSAM 2011 - More high altitude attitude with the RAF Mountaineering Assoication.

Satcom Shufflers - I’m not even going to ask what that involves. Find out for yourselves.

Train in Vain? - This is the age of (beating) the train.

FDTC Grantown on Spey - Find out what these fabulous facilities can do for you.

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