RAF Active Edition 52

Edition 52 - 2012

Editorial - A few words from Si Nelson-Kirby (Editor - RAF Active) and Dave Hirst (Deputy Editor - RAF Active).

4 Marathons in 5 Days - As if the title didn’t spell out a hard enough challenge, add in the equivalent of climbing Ben Nevis 3 times in the first day alone - this is the 100 Mile Himalayan Stage Race.

Orienteering Win in Venice - Tourists, canals, narrow streets - simply add 5000 Orienteers and this makes for an amazing race venue for the RAF to take the top spot on the podium.

A Typical Sunday morning on Red Arrow - Try this out for a great reason to forego that weekend morning lie-in.

West Coast Wacky Windsurfing - Getting to the small western Isle of Tiree is no small challenge in itself, but add in coaching from Pro windsurfer Sam Neal and it sounds like one hell of an event.

No Gears, No Brakes, No Problem - A Track Cycling Experience. With Track Cycling soon to claim the country’s attention again at the Olympics, this first-timer’s account may just tempt you to give it a go yourself!.

Active 8 - Profile of Rower Chris Nash.

The Coast to Coast Challenge - Are you reading this whilst on Operations? What are your plans for R&R….

You only live twice - so fly Gyro - If it’s good enough for Bond, then surely it’s good enough for you. The RAF gyro flying association is just taking off so why not find out how you can get involved.

Bring back the Gold - Hockey - Too busy for sport this year? Nonsense; Dave Oatley’s account of how one of his busiest year’s concluded with a Gold medal on the world stage.

Why I enjoy Squash - Taking the training up a level, the RAF under-25’s champion benefits from the ‘La Santa treatment’.

Model Aircraft Flying with the RAF - You never realized there was so much to it - read on to find out more.

What's On - A bumper pack of up-coming events and competitions.

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