RAF Active Edition53

Edition 53 - 2012

Editorial - A few words from Si Nelson-Kirby (Editor - RAF Active) and Dave Hirst (Deputy Editor - RAF Active).

Jubilympics Twenty-Twelve - RAF Active’s Director takes a glance back to look at a particularly inspiring former RAF Pilot who competed in no less than 3 Olympic Games!

THE THEATRE OF DREAMS – TEAM GB SELECTION - Follow Andy Hadfield as he competes for the only kayak slalom slot on Team GB at the London Games.

Triathlon (Nick Davies) - Find out how Survival, Escape, Resist and Evasion
training prepared Nick for working with LOCOG!

Feet First at 80mph - Only 0.02 seconds separated 3rd from 7th place at the British Olympic Luge Champs, but did Gav Arnold do enough to clinch a medal?

BASKETBALL & HANDBALL (CLIVE MONKLEY) - Clive Monkley has no experience in Basketball or Handball, find out how it is that he’s providing key support to these Athletes in this years Olympics?

Skeleton - In the Off-season - Ever wondered how you train for Skeleton during the summer months? Read on…

BOXING (RAY MORLEY) - Ray Morley is fortunate enough to witness this sport closer than any spectator could hope to. As a member of the World Panel of Boxing Referees and Judges; he was in the shortlist of just 2 to fill the only UK slot at the Oympics.

DUNCS Dirty Dozen (part one) - 12 Multi-Terrain Races in 12 months - read Duncan’s first installment as he completes some Notorious Night Runs.

ROWING (JIM THORLEY) - Speedboats and a prime view to watch the Olympic Rowing – what more could you want?

WAKEBOARDING IN THAILAND - If Carlsberg did Wakeboarding venues, this would probably be it.

WATER POLO (ANDY HUCKLE) - A great example of how Service connections gave Andy the chance to avoid the queues and be at the Olympics in an official capacity.

AT ON YOUR DOORSTEP - Our very own Editor tackles the chilterns on 2 wheels.

Triathlon (MICHAEL MASTERS) - Before the world’s best get to compete against each other, they will have to get past the final checks to ensure they are allowed to race - and Michael will be there.

Following in the footsteps of Captain Scott - 100 years after Scott’s infamous Antarctic expedition, read about how this year’s British Services’ Expedition was not going to be a smooth ride, with trouble only feet away as snow bridges collapsed and disappeared into a deep abyss.

PARALYMPIC SAILING (DUNCAN COOPER) - From providing 8 safety crews to support the Queen’s Jubilee River Pageant, to 12 people for the Paralympics. Read how the RAF Sailing Safety Division has an enviable reputation - and is calling out for new members!

Active 8 - Olympic Ambassador, RAF Sportswoman of the Year, RAF Sports Ambassador and the first woman to complete the Arch 2 Arc Triathlon. Who
are we talking about?

OPEN WATER SWIMMING (PAUL KENDALL) - Some perfect timing has led Paul Kendall to be on a small list of eligible Open Water Referees for this summer’s Games.

Aiming For Gold - Paralympic Shooting - A talented novice in 2009, Pam was told that the London Olympics were out of her reach. Despite some exceptional challenges at every turn, she won Gold at the National’s and British Champs in 2011. This is her selection journey.

100% ME - DOPING CONTROL STATION (PETER LILLY) - Helping keep the Games ‘100% Me’. Find out how a chance encounter at a Modern Pentathlon competition was the start of Peter Lilly’s road to the Olympics.

ROWING (TIM ELLIS) - On the day Tim wrote this, he was in LOCOG HQ in Canary Wharf overlooking the 02 Arena and the Olympic Park beyond. Read about how he was asked to take 6 months out to be in the thick of the Games planning.

What's On - Yet more pages of activities to entice you off your chair. Don’t forget to tell us if you want your sport/event published.

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