RAF Active Edition 56

Edition 56 - 2013

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Editorial - A few words from Dave Hirst (Editor - RAF Active).

RAF Climbers Train For The Top - Climbing is possibly the ultimate bodyweight resistance exercise regime and with coaching from the world’s best, the RAF has been doing rather well…

An introduction to Road Cycling - Everyone develops their skill in a sport somewhere, and the RAF Spring Road Training Camp provides the ideal opportunity for cyclists of all abilities to push themselves that little bit further. Here’s Olly Greef’s account of last year’s event – you might not be too late to get in there for this year!

Biathlon Beasting in Bavaria - Addicted to minus 10°C?! Gliding across the snow in Bavaria, surrounded by sunny blue skies and your teammates may explain why…

Take a Deep Breath - Freediving? why not – Matt Tope convinces FS Chris York to give up his SCUBA diving kit for a day and join him to try an introduction to Freediving with London-based company ‘NoTanx’.

Shotokan Karate - Excelling at sport requires dedication and Thomas Hancock’s selection to represent GB in Shotokan Karate started at 4 yrs old. This journey to the World Championships in Sydney demonstrates the possible rewards.

Power Kite Away With Us.... To Brazil! - The thrills of kitesurfing the north coast of Brazil was not without some spills, but I challenge you not to read this without a tinge of jealousy… then again, you could be there next time.

What's On? - Quite simply, plenty. The focus of this issue, here’s our comprehensive collection of what’s out there just waiting for you to get involved. What are you waiting for?

World Helicopter Championships, Russia - An event that we’ve not featured before in RAF Active, though the physical and mental challenges encountered are not so different from the activities more familiar to these pages.

Kit Review - My Essential Sporting Kit... - The second in this feature, we have two members of the Active Team discuss their essentials. Here, the longest serving member looks at how to make the most of a sedate, office-bound posting.

Cornetto-Fuelled Mounain Biking - It definitely sounds like the 5-strong team from 208(R) Sqn at RAF Valley had more ups than downs on this epic 126km mountain biking expedition in the Italian mountains.

The sky’s your limit - Are you an adrenaline junkie? Formation Skydiving from 15,000ft is within your grasp if you have the bottle, as SAC Danielle Baker demonstrates.

View from the hot seat - On returning from Afghanistan in March 2012, Audrey Smith decided to take the plunge, bought a rally car and competed in the RAF Rally Championship. This is the story of her first year as a rally driver.

Kit Review - My Essential Sporting Kit... - The second in this feature, we have two members of the Active Team discuss their essentials. Dave Hanson reveals his essential kit for ‘barefoot’ Cross Country/ Trail running.

Hawaii 5-0(m Sails) - Sun, Sea and Surf… and plenty of wind greeted the RAF Windsurfers who took on the challenge of Wave Sailing in Hawaii’s world-class surf conditions, but the size of the surf was not the only challenge.

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