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Posted In/Out?

Whether you are arriving or leaving the island there are many matters that need resolving prior to your journey, such as arranging accommodation, schooling or pet transportation. The information below aims to point you in the right direction and help you organise everything in a logical, manageable approach.

Posted In

The comprehensive BFC Pre-Arrivals Guide can be found here which contains a wealth of information and a handy checklist too.

Posted Out

As there are many destinations to be posted to from RAF Akrotiri there is no all-encompassing guide but receiving-unit HIVEs are a good place to start.

The BFC Pre-Arrivals guide does have useful information which is relevant to both postings in and out, such as personal effects, vehicle and pet transportation, but there are some differences such as booking Service Families' Accomodation at the new unit; personnel moving back to the UK can apply here.

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