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Air Surveillance and Control Systems Force Command

The mission of ASACS Force Command is to execute and manage an agile and adaptable tactical Air Command and Control capability that contributes to the delivery of Air Power in the UK and on contingent operations worldwide

Homeland defence of the UK, remains the cornerstone of the ASACS Force Command’s operational output. However, the ASACS Force Command also has a wider responsibility in support of deployed operations worldwide. With the stand up of the ASACS Force Command Headqurters at RAF Boulmer in January 2006, the Station Commander also has the operational role of ASACS Force Commander responsible for the generation, sustainment and operational output of the ASACS organisation.

ASACS Force Command Organisation

The ASACS Force Command has the following departments, please click on a link to find out more.

ASACS Force Command Elements

The Force Elements under the control of the ASACS Force Commander are as follows:

• Control and Reporting Centre - Boulmer
• No 1 Air Control Centre - RAF Scampton
• Remote Radar Site (RRS) - Saxa Vord in the Shetland Islands
• Remote Radar Head (RRH) - Benbecula in the Outer Hebridies
• RRH - Buchan in Aberdeenshire
• RRH - Brizlee Wood Northumberland
• RRH - Staxton Wold in Yorkshire
• RRH - Neatishead in Norfolk
• RRH - Portreath in Cornwall

Although not Force Elements, the School of Aerospace Battle Management and Support Wing at RAF Boulmer are vital cogs in the machinery of the Command, without which the ASACS Force could not generate its capability. In total, the ASACS Force Command comprises some 1800 military personnel, civil servants and contracted staffs.

The ASACS Force Command provides a pivotal contribution to the output of the Royal Air Force.

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