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Personnel Management Squadron

Personnel Management Squadron

The mission of Personnel Management Squadron is to achieve excellence in supporting RAF Boulmers personnel and their families with the provision of personnel, administrative and disciplinary, medical, dental and security services and community support.

The Personnel Management Squadron comprises of the following departments:

Medical Centre

The Station Medical Centre (SMC) is situated on the ground floor of Station Headquarters on the Domestic Site. All personnel on the posted strength of RAF Boulmer are automatically registered for care at the SMC. Dependants of Service personnel occupying married quarters may register for care with one of the practices on this link.

Clinic times for Service Personnel

Monday, Tuesday and Friday 0930-1130 at the SMC

Wednesday and Thursday at the Consulting Rooms Alnwick at 0930.


From 1700-1830 hours on weekdays, the duty doctor is on call at Alnwick Consulting Rooms for emergencies only.

After 1830 hours and at weekends and bank holidays, all emergencies are dealt with by Alnwick Infirmary Accident and Emergency, contacting NHS Direct or dialing 999.


Aircrew: Appointment to be made within year to date of previous medical. Appointment to be arranged 2-3 weeks prior to medical for bloods to be taken.

ECGs: Examinations are carried out by appointment only.

Vaccination Clinic

Monday, Tuesday and Friday 0830-1100 in the SMC.

Practice Nurse Clinics

In addition to routine appointments for minor illness, clinics are also available with the Practice Nurse at the SMC for smoking cessation, well man, well woman, asthma, and holiday and travel advice.

Home Visits

It is preferable for patients to be seen at the SMC or Consulting Rooms where all necessary equipment and medicines are readily available. However, the Doctor will discuss requests for home visits and attend as appropriate.

Telephone Consultations

Telephone consultations with the Doctor at the SMC to discuss medical issues are available on Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 0930 and 0940.

Medical Reception - 01665 607543 or ext 7543

Practice Nurse - 01665 607599 or ext 7599


Transport for Service personnel to the Consulting Rooms in Alnwick is available daily Mon-Fri at 0900 hours and must be booked through the SMC.

Dental Centre

The Dental Centre is collocated with the Medical Centre. It is currently manned by a Service Dental Nurse Monday to Friday, with a Dental Officer visiting twice weekly to provide comprehensive dental care for all Service personnel. The Dental Officer will be happy to discuss the details of proposed treatment and particular concerns of individual patients.

Clinic Times

Opening hours are as follows:

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday - 0800 -1700

Tuesday and Friday - 0800 - 1500

Emergency Cover

If an emergency appointment is needed, the Dental Section should be contacted during opening hours and, for out of hours, the Guard Room should be contacted who have the contact details of an emergency civilian dentist.


Dependants are not entitled to routine dental treatment from the Service Dental Officer and should be registered with a civilian dentist as soon as possible. The dental staff will be more than happy to help Service personnel or their dependants find a dentist within the area. See Local Dentists.

Contact Telephone Number:

Dental Reception - 01665 607526 or ext 7526

General Duties Flight

General Duties Flight carries out general administrative duties across the station, monitors discipline and deportment and assists with the coordination and preparation of visits to RAF Boulmer, social events, ceremonial occasions and Military events such as the Battle of Britain and Remembrance Day parades. The flight also oversees the management of accommodation for airmen and women ranked LAC to Corporal.

The Flight incorporates the Officer Commanding General Duties Flight (OC GD), The Station Warrant Officer (SWO), also part of the General Duties Flight is the Central Registry, Accommodation Cell, Passes & Permits and the Station Labourers.

No 5 RAFP Sqn, RAF Boulmer

The mission of No 5 RAFP Sqn is to provide focused Police, Counter Intelligence and Protective Security Support, to enable Commanders to Deliver Effective Military Capability.

No 5 RAFP Sqn, RAF Boulmer comprising of the Police Flt and MPGS are located within the Main Guard Room at the Administration Site.

General Police Duties (GPD)

Royal Air Force Police GPD personnel are responsible for the prevention, initial reporting and investigation of crime, vehicle & traffic offences, anti-terrorist & crime detection patrols of the unit and Service Families Accommodation, instigation of out of hour’s emergency protocols and policing of unit events. They also liaise with RAF Police Specialist Investigations Branch, as well as local Law Enforcement Constabularies.

Protective Security (PS)

PS is responsible for the protection of all assets at RAF Boulmer, including measures that govern IT, personal, physical, document and information security. The section is also responsible for providing advice and support to counter the threat posed from espionage, terrorism, sabotage, subversion and increasing non-traditional threats.

Military Provost Guard Service (MPGS)

The MPGS are responsible for the armed guarding of the station, including issuing of temporary passes (24 hours a day) to all permanent staff, contractors, dependants and visitors to RAF Boulmer.

Service Community Support Officer (SCSO)

RAF Boulmer Community Support - Committed to provide the best support to our personnel and their families.

The RAF Boulmer Service Community Support Officer (SCSO) is responsible for providing support to the military personnel and their families. The SCSO’s role is to identify the needs of the community, and work with the armed forces, local authority and other groups to ensure these needs are met. The SCSO is the families advocate for housing issues, education and schooling,and welfare suppport during deployments.

The SCSO works from and manages the RAF Boulmer Community Support and Families’ Centre ‘The Beacon’, on Portal Court in Longhoughton. The Beacon is open to the RAF Boulmer Community between 9am and 4pm, Monday to Friday.


RAF Boulmer HIVE - Committed to provide the best support to our personnel and their families by answering their questions.

The HIVE is an information service to members of the armed forces and their families. The HIVE’s Information Officer provides an extensive range of information including relocation & housing guidance, local facilities, schools and education as well as on employment and training for family members. The HIVE Information Officer provides information to the families of those personnel deployed overseas and assists the SCSO in running The Beacon.

The HIVE at RAF Boulmer operates from the RAF Boulmer Community Support and Families’ Cente ‘The Beacon, on Portal Court in Longhoughton and is open to the Armed Forces Community between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

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