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ASACS Business Management

ASACS Business Management

Business Management Team

The ASACS Business Management Team, based in SHQ at RAF Boulmer, is responsible for delivering the overarching governance and assurance of all business management and support services across the Air Surveillance and Control System (ASACS). Specifically, the Business Manager is the owner of the ASACS Business Plan and is responsible for ensuring that all business activities are identified and accurately reported in order to secure adequate funding to enable the ASACS to fulfil operational outputs.

The team are available to all ASACS personnel for specialist advice and support on the following key areas of responsibility:

ASACS Business Plan - Construction of business cases for all new business activities.

Electronic Procurement Card (ePC) Management.

Contracting, Purchasing and Finance (CP&F).

Governance and Assurance - Regularity and propriety of expenditure and receipts to ensure the best value for money while remaining compliant with Air Command’s Corporate Governance Policy. Focal point for Fraud Awareness, and the ASACS Official Hospitality Register.

Civilian Personnel - All civilian staff (CS) matters including, manpower planning and line management responsibilities. Focal point for the local CS engagement group VOCAL and liaison with Trades Union.

Accounts - All public and non-public funds matters, including the provision of the Station Cashier facility.

RAF Parenting Statement - Support provided to or received from other stations, units, commands and personnel located within neighbouring areas of the ASACS footprint at home and abroad. The support can be in the form of practical and material support from another unit.

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