School of Aerospace Battle Management

School of Aerospace Battle Management - Overview

The Mission of the RAF School of Aerospace Battle Management (SABM) is to provide training and tactical Aerospace Battle Management (ABM), to the highest possible standard to support both an agile and adaptable Air Command and Control capability. The SABM is part of Chief of Staff Training organisation, Air Command and has been located at RAF Boulmer since 1990. Commanded by a Wing Commander, the SABM was formed in 1940 and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II awarded the Unit its own crest in 1958. The school's motto is 'Disce ut dirigas' which means 'Learn in order that you may guide'.

The School delivers training for RAF Aerospace Battle Management officers, SNCOs and airmen/airwomen of the Aerospace Systems Operator/Manager trades as well as the wider UK Armed Forces, NATO and other foreign national military personnel. With over 600 students attending one of 120 courses a year the School is a worldwide centre of excellence providing leading edge battlespace management training and education.The SABM is organized into 3 squadrons with each squadron responsible for a distinct area of training:

  • Initial Training Squadron
  • Advanced Training Squadron
  • Internal Assurance Squadron

To find out more about each squadron please follow the relevant links on the right of the page.

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