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Middle and High Schools

Middle and High Schools

There are 3 middle schools located in Alnwick, less than 5 miles away, catering for children from Years 5-8 (ages 9-13). Longhoughton is in the catchment area for Lindisfarne Middle School and the Duchess High School also in Alnwick. There is another high school (for Years 9-13 (ages 13-18)), and other middle schools located in Amble (6 miles south of Boulmer), and also Morpeth (20 miles south of Boulmer).

Northumberland County Council has a statutory duty to provide free home to school transport, or where appropriate, pay the cost of such transport when pupils of middle and high school age live more than three miles away from their designated catchment area school by the nearest available route, for more details click here.

For details on the middle and high school admission process or to apply on-line click here

Middle Schools

Lindisfarne Middle School


Dukes Middle School


St Paul's RCVA Middle School


Tel: 01665 602650

Amble Middle School


Tel: 01665 710217

High Schools

Duchess Community High School


Coquet High School


Information and advice for young people aged 13-19 can be found by clicking here

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