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Air Commodore Terry Jones RAF

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MOD Abbey Wood

As President of the RAF Boxing Association (RAFBA) I would like to extend a warm welcome to anyone visiting this website.

This website is aimed at everyone whose interest lies in amateur boxing and has been designed to help promote RAF boxing by both encouraging RAF boxing to flourish and to keep current RAF boxers up to date with news and information. Please explore the site and feel free to let us know your ideas on how we can improve it.

The wider benefits of sport are recognised all over the world and the by-products of amateur boxing reflect many of those benefits. Amateur boxing safely encourages confidence and capability in young people. Experience has shown us that these positive attributes are invariably reflected in an individuals’ demeanour, attitude and performance, in all aspects of their life.

Personal involvement in boxing demands great standards of commitment and individual discipline from the participants and it is very clear that the standards required by boxers produce social, physical and mental strengths. These are, of course, exactly the same attributes that a fighting force such as the Royal Air Force expects from its members, not only in day to day life but particularly when such people are deployed on operations.

Through the RAF Boxing Association, the sport is recognised formally in the Service for the positive benefits it brings. So, if you are already involved in RAF Boxing, I commend this website to you and urge you to regularly visit the site to read the regular updates that we aim to provide to these pages. If you are new to the world of RAF Boxing, welcome, you are joining an enthusiastic and energetic group of people. I look forward to meeting you soon.

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