Pathfinder Collection

Bomber Command

Bomber Command Badge

Hillingdon House, Uxbridge, Middlesex; High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. (from 13 Mar 1940)

Formed from the bomber element of ADGB on 14 Jul 1936.

Disbanded 30 Apr 1968 on being absorbed into Strike Command as No 1 (Strike) Group.

Motto:Strike Hard Strike Sure.

14 Jul 1936ACM Sir John Steel
12 Sep 1937ACM Sir Edgar Ludlow-Hewitt
3 Apr 1940AM Sir Charles Portal
5 Oct 1940AM Sir Richard Peirse
8 Jan 1942AVM J E A Baldwin (Acting AOC in C whilst AOC No 3 Group)
22 Feb 1942ACM Sir Arthur Harris
15 Sep 1945AM Sir Norman Bottomley
16 Jan 1947AM Sir Hugh Saunders
8 Oct 1947AM Sir Aubrey Ellwood
2 Feb 1950AM Sir Hugh Lloyd
9 Apr 1953AM Sir George Mills
22 Jan 1956AM Sir Harry Broadhurst
20 May 1959AM Sir Kenneth Cross
1 Sep 1963AM Sir John Grandy
19 Feb 1965AM Sir Wallace Kyle
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