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Frequently Asked Questions

Flight Information

Q. How can I confirm the time of flights leaving from, or returning to, RAF Brize Norton?

A. The Passenger Information Desk can provide flight information about RAF Brize Norton scheduled passenger aircraft movements less than 48 hrs in advance. Information about certain regular scheduled flights may be available up to 7 days in advance.

Have your flight booking reference / flight number ready to assist in finding the latest details about your flight.

Telephone 01993 896050/5861 or Military Telephone 95461 6050/5861

For more passenger-related information about RAF Brize Norton see Air Terminal Information.

Passenger Check-In Times

Q. What time do I need to arrive for an outbound flight from RAF Brize Norton?

A. For passengers travelling to Ascension Island and the Falkland Islands, the latest time of arrival for check-in at the Air Terminal is 3 hours before departure.

For passengers travelling to all other destinations world-wide, the latest time of arrival for check-in at the Air Terminal is 2 1/2 hours before departure.

For more passenger-related information about RAF Brize Norton see Air Terminal Information.

Meeting Passengers

Q. Can I meet a passenger arriving at RAF Brize Norton. Can I come onto the base, and do I need to prove my identity?

A. Yes you can meet a passenger arriving at Brize Norton. When you arrive, you will be required to show 2 forms of UK recognized identification, one of which must have your photograph on it (ideally a passport or photo driving licence). You must also give details of the passenger you are meeting, including the location their flight is coming from, to the Control of Entry staff. You will be issued with an entry pass and directed to the Air Terminal.

For more information for visitors arriving at RAF Brize Norton see Station Access.


Q. Can members of the public visit RAF Brize Norton?

A. We have some 200 visits a year from various groups. Group organisers who are interested in arranging a visit should write to :

Media and Communications Office
RAF Brize Norton
OX18 3LX

Careers in the Royal Air Force

Q. I want to join the RAF, can I visit RAF Brize Norton to find out what the RAF is like?

A. You should contact your local Armed Forces Careers Office, whose details can be found on the RAF Careers Website. Alternatively, for information regarding a career in the Royal Air Force contact the RAF Careers Response Agency on telephone 0845 6055555.

Getting to RAF Brize Norton

Q. How do I get to RAF Brize Norton?

A. RAF Brize Norton is adjacent to Carterton in West Oxfordshire, approximately 17 miles west of Oxford.

For more detailed information about travelling to RAF Brize Norton see Travelling to Us.

Bus Services from Oxford

Q. Is there a bus service from Oxford Rail Station to RAF Brize Norton?

A. Bus services numbered X1, 100 and 200 regularly depart from Oxford (from Gloucester Green Bus Station or George Street outside Gloucester Green, depending on service / time of day), stopping by the entrance to RAF Brize Norton on request. Service 100 buses stop across the main road from Oxford Rail Station.

For contact information and links to Stagecoach Buses and the Traveline public transport information service ( which includes an on-line journey planner ) see Travelling to Us.

Transit Accommodation

Q. I am travelling from Brize Norton on an early morning flight. Is there any accommodation on base where I can stay overnight?

A. The Gateway House Hotel at RAF Brize Norton provides accommodation for passengers in transit.

For more information about the facilities offered and contact details see Passenger Accommodation.

Car Parking

Q. When I fly from Brize Norton, can I leave my car at the base until I return?

A. No, there is only short term parking available at RAF Brize Norton. (max limit 12 Hrs)

Car Hire

Q. Can I hire a car from RAF Brize Norton?

A. A number of nationwide car rental companies have desks in the Arrivals Lounge of the Air Terminal.

For more information and contact details see Air Terminal Information.

Indulgence Flights on RAF Aircraft

Q. Can I book an indulgence flight for me and my family on an RAF or MOD chartered aircraft, such as a trip to Cyprus?

A. All enquiries about booking indulgence flights for service personnel and their families should be directed to the Defence Passenger Reservation Centre, telephone 030 6789 4800. Members of the general public cannot book indulgence flights.

Travel to Ascension and Falkland Islands

Q. Can I travel on RAF or MOD chartered aircraft to the Ascension and Falklands Islands?

A. You can travel as a fare paying passenger on our flights to these destinations. Details are available from the Falklands Island Government Office in London, telephone 0207 222 2542.

Despatch of Supplies from Relief Organisations on RAF Aircraft

Q. Is it possible for relief organisations to send supplies abroad using RAF aircraft?

A. The carriage of air freight on RAF aircraft is managed by the Defence Transport Management Agency, telephone 01264 381579 or 01264 381577.

Flights in Aircraft or Flight Simulators

Q. Can flights in aircraft or simulators be donated to schools /charities for a charity auction?

A. We are unable to provide flights in aircraft or simulators as a donation.

Parachute Descents

Q. Is it possible to make a parachute descent with the RAF?

A. RAF Weston on the Green, near Bicester, Oxfordshire, is home to the Royal Air Force Sport Parachute Association (RAFSPA) and Skydive Weston. It is a military owned drop zone but is run by a civilian company (Skydive Weston) at weekends, which caters for both military and civilian jumpers.

For more information about parachuting at RAF Weston on the Green telephone 01869 343201 or visit Skydive Weston.

Aircraft Noise and Low Flying Complaints

Q. I want to complain about the disturbance caused by military aircraft and helicopters flying low in the vicinity of my property.

A. RAF Brize Norton Activities - Complaints about disturbance from aircraft or helicopters operating from, or in the vicinity of, RAF Brize Norton may be referred to the Station's Media and Communications Office.

Complaints about military low flying activities not connected to RAF Brize Norton may be made direct to the Ministry of Defence Complaints & Enquiries Unit.

For further information and full contact information see Flying Complaints.

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