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Programme Future Brize

Centralised Air Transport and Air-to-Air Refuelling Assets

Programme Future Brize was established in March 2009 and is made up of a core team of 14 people managed by the Programme Manager, Gp Capt Bland. The core team is broken down into key ‘workstreams’ with nominated workstream leaders who are responsible for a myriad of projects and subprojects. Beyond the core team, many RAF personnel and civilian staff at RAF Brize Norton, RAF Lyneham and High Wycombe are working tirelessly to ensure operations are not impacted by the closure of RAF Lyneham and the relocation of assets to RAF Brize Norton.

PFB Take 1 PFB Take 2 PFB Take 3

Since the formation of Programme Future Brize, the team has been refining the RAF’s future plan for RAF Brize Norton and preparing for the introduction into service of new aircraft such as the Future Strategic Tanker Aircraft (FSTA (KC-30)) and A400M, and seeing the VC10, TriStar and C-130K aircraft go out of service. RAF Brize Norton continues to be in a period of concentrated construction and redevelopment in preparation for the new aircraft fleets and the arrival of their Support Units from RAF Lyneham.

Some new buildings are still required to make the transition as smooth as possible. Tough decisions were made on whether to knock down existing buildings and build new, modern facilities, or refurbish existing facilities on station to an appropriate standard. The decision was a combination of the two with a focus on major funding of four new facilities. The Freight Handling Facility and Passenger Handling Facility will improve the flow of personnel and freight through RAF Brize Norton as the number of passengers and amount of freight increases. A new Hangar for the C-130J and a new 47 Air Dispatch Squadron (Th Royal Logistics Corps) building will be completed as follows:

C-130J Hangar and 47 AD (RLC) - 2012

Freight and Passenger Handling Facilities - 2014

Many of the works carried out by Programme Future Brize have been handed over to RAF Brize Norton personnel, however this site will still be updated to reflect the ongoing housing situation and the remaining building work that is still to be completed.

What will RAF Brize Norton look like?

A Laydown Plan for the relocation of units within RAF Brize Norton and for units relocating from RAF Lyneham has been developed. The Laydown Plan v8 was finalised in Aug 11 and details can be found on the PFB Intranet site.

The whole Programme team is dedicated to improving the working and living conditions for all those associated with the current and future RAF Brize Norton and making it a valued part of the local community. DIO are also working hard to ensure living accommodation is provided for all families.

Future Plans

As the centre of excellence for AT and AAR, Brize Norton will be able to handle new and greater numbers of aircraft, all of which will require improved airfield facilities such as parking bays, hangars, an updated and improved Passenger Terminal and Cargo Warehouse to name but a few.

Latest News:

Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) and SSFA

DIO have issued a communication regarding SSFA as part of the move of RAF Lyneham personnel and their families to RAF Brize Norton.

Inside the Wire SFA

The 33 Type V’s and 9 Type III’s inside the wire are progressing well.

Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) have issued the two images (subject to change) below showing the road layout for the 33 Type V’s and 9 Type III’s inside the wire. The 33 Type V’s show the sports pitch by the main gate as amenity area retained. The 9 Type III’s will be positioned between Belfast Square and the Officers Mess.

33 x Type V Proposed Site Plan - 9 x Type III Proposed Site Plan

SFA in Carterton

It was the MoD’s original intention to demolish 600 houses and rebuild 800 houses in Carterton but the situation has now changed. The Strategic Defence and Security Review has necessitated a reassessment of our investment plan and an alternative strategy of making appropriate use of MoD housing within a reasonable commuting distance of RAF Brize Norton. As a result, the requirement for housing at Carterton North and Carterton Central was reduced to 200 houses, with a possibility for a further 25 houses in the future.

The project will consider on Value for Money terms whether to either replace or upgrade 200 houses at Carterton North or Carterton Central. Surplus MOD land would then be released for disposal and/or returned to Annington Homes Ltd for their subsequent reuse or development.

Our Option Study is underway to determining the best value for money solution for providing the 200 houses and is expected to be considered by the DIO Management Board in May 2012. We will, of course, keep you fully informed as we progress and would be delighted to provide additional background or clarification, if required.

SLAM – Jan 12 Update

The JNCO SLAM which was due to complete this year has been delayed due to planning with the local council and is estimated to be completed in early 2013.

The Sgt’s SLAM will provide 101 rooms once funding has been approved.

Further Information

If you have any queries regarding the content or structure of this webpage, please contact Helen Cooksley, Reporting and Communications Officer for Programme Future Brize: Sqn Ldr Bruce Armstrong, email or telephone 01993 896144

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