Major Accident Emergency Instruction leaflet

RAF Brize Norton Emergency Instruction Leaflet

To Residents within the RAF Brize Norton Public Information Zone

Dear Neighbour,


In 2001 the Ministry of Defence introduced Major Accident Control Regulations in response to a European Union Directive and new UK Legislation. RAF Brize Norton came under these introduced Regulations and my predecessor wrote to you, enclosing a Major Accident Emergency Instruction leaflet. I am now required, in accordance with these Regulations, to re-issue the advice contained within the leaflet.

In common with many Ministry of Defence establishments and to support national defence activities, RAF Brize Norton continues to store some substances that are classified as hazardous (such as fuel and explosives). We have teams of trained professionals who are experienced in handling these substances and who operate under very stringent laws and regulations relevant to our operations. The installations where hazardous substances are stored and handled, are licensed under strict International, National and internal standards set by expert groups and overseen by independent authorities. Rigorous inspections and frequent audits ensure that safety standards are not only maintained but continuously reviewed and improved.

Under these Regulations, our traditionally stringent standards were extended to ensure that the internal plans at RAF Brize Norton for dealing with possible emergencies encompass the plans made by the Local Authorities. These involve County and District Emergency Services (Police, Fire, Ambulance), Health Authorities, Utilities (Water, Electricity, Gas), Conservation and Environment Authorities. This increases the awareness and the preparedness of organisations and people in and around the site, making them aware of the hazards present on the establishment and the actions to take should there be an emergency.

The re-issue of this letter should not alarm you as the operations at RAF Brize Norton have not changed, the hazards have not increased and the likelihood of a major accident is no greater now than when these Regulations were first introduced. The risk remains remote, not only because of our expertise but also because of our extremely stringent control measures. However, there is still an extremely small chance of a major accident and it is sensible to have plans so that the effects are reduced as far as possible. The enclosed leaflet outlines the warnings that will be given and the actions to take in the event of an emergency. Should you have any concerns regarding the operations at this establishment then please do not hesitate to write to me.

S N Perkins

Group Captain

Head of Establishment

Major Accident Emergency Instruction

Major Accident Emergency Instruction leaflet

In a major emergency involving RAF Brize Norton, if you are not involved in the incident, but are close by or...

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