Passenger Information Regulations


Dangerous Goods

Guidance for Passengers on which Dangerous Goods can be carried on an Aircraft. The following link provides further details on forbidden items.


Operational Flights - As per Deployment Instructions.

All other flights - Smart, clean civilian clothing.

Unless otherwise directed, all Service passengers are to travel in civilian clothing. These are to be smart, clean, in good repair and of a standard that does not reflect badly upon the MoD. The following items of clothing are not considered suitable for travel by air; beachwear of any kind, high or stiletto heeled foot wear, sports vests, untailored or sports shorts or any item bearing offensive slogans. Personnel arriving at an airhead inappropriately dressed will be required to change before checking in. Service personnel are not allowed to wear any jewellery other than that permitted in QRs.

Firearms & ammunition

Service issue weapons not accepted until 4 hours priors to departure.

Special authorisation and licenses are required for the import of sporting weapons and or ammunition into Cyprus. Please check with your unit prior to departing for RAF Brize Norton. Service issue weapons will not be accepted at check in until 4 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure.

Animals & plants

Not permitted on flights.

Under no circumstances can animals (including birds, reptiles, fish and insects) or plants be carried on RAF Trooping flights.


Not permitted on flights.

The MoD has directed that all RAF Trooping or Charter flights are non-smoking.

Security Checks - Sharps

Forbidden in hand baggage.

It is forbidden to carry any ‘sharp items’ in your hand luggage. Such items include scissors, knives, nail files etc. However, these items may be packed in your hold baggage. Any such item found in hand baggage by the Air Transport Security (ATSy) team, will be confiscated under Security regulations.

Storage of ECBA

Only permitted for passengers with connecting flights and up to 21 days.

Passengers arriving at RAF Brize Norton who have reservations on a civil flight may leave their ECBA and helmet at the passenger terminal for a period of 21 days only. Any items not claimed after this timescale will be returned to stores.

Customs Allowances

For details on UK Border Agency restrictions, please see attached link.

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