RAF Brize Norton Visiting Aircraft

RAF Brize Norton Visiting Aircraft

Links to the documents below are provided for the convenience of visiting aircrews, landing at, and using the facilities of, Royal Air Force Brize Norton.

RAF Brize Norton Defence Aerodrome Manual:

The purpose of this Defence Aerodrome Manual (DAM)(PDF) is to provide, in a standardized format, a mechanism to inform both military and civilian operators of accurate aerodrome data that includes physical characteristics, available services, aerodrome hazards and operating procedures pertinent to RAF Brize Norton (BZN). It also provides enhanced reference guidance to the Aerodrome Operator (AO) to ensure that all aerodrome management requirements are being met and assured correctly. The DAM acknowledges the essential requirements of EC legislation EC 216/2008 (as amended at Annex Va) and is to be read in conjunction with the documents set at Chapter 1 Para 1.1 of the DAM template.

RAF Brize Norton Defence Aerodrome Manual (PDF)

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Ground handling facilities are provided by www.sercorampservices.co.uk

Visiting Aircraft Form:

RAF Brize Norton Military PPR Request (pdf) | RAF Brize Norton Civilian PPR Request (pdf)

If you have a query, or wish to seek advice, please call the Visitor Ops Desk on +44 (0) 199 389 5315

  • The Visitor Operations Desk is open Mon-Fri 0800-1700L.
  • RAF Brize Norton airfield is open to visitors with a PPR number Mon-Fri 0800-1700L.
  • Any aircraft wishing to operate outside these times will be considered individually on a case by case basis.

The Station Magazine

80th Anniversary Magazine

25 Metre Range

  • Range Firing

    The 25 Metre Range will be in use, week commencing 19th February 2018, as follows: 21st 1pm-5pm, 22nd Midday-5pm, 23rd 9am-2pm, 24th 8am-5pm, 25th 8am-5pm.

    Range Use Statement

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