Air Port of Embarkation Wing

Airport of Embarkation Wing

Airport of Embarkation Wing (APOE Wing) encompasses a diverse range of Airport support functions, ranging from Air Movements, Mechanical Transport Operations, Airfield Support Mechanical Transport, Fuels and Lubricants, In-flight Catering and Contract Monitoring. Large parts of the Station's support services are run under a Multi-Activity Contract (MAC), where Serco Defence & Aerospace provide a significant amount of engineering support and other services.

Air Movements Squadron

Passengers boarding aircraft Air Movements Squadron (AMS) at Brize Norton is the largest base Movements Squadron in the Royal Air Force, providing support to Air Transport, Air to Air Refuelling and MoD civilian charter flights between the United Kingdom and destinations worldwide. The Squadron comprises over 200 Service personnel, MoD civil servants and Serco civilian employees. They operate 24 hours a day, 365 a year to move nearly 200,000 passengers and 23 million kg of freight, bags and mail each year in support of the British Armed Forces in all theatres throughout the world. They also co-ordinate and manage the movement of Heads of State, VIPs, medical patients and compassionate cases. The provision of support for civilian aircraft chartered by the MOD and operating through Brize Norton is an increasing task, leading to the Squadron providing manpower, mechanical and IT support for a wide range of aircraft such as Boeing 747, Airbus A340 and Antonov 124, as well as our own fleets of VC10, TriStar and C-17 aircraft.

Airport Logistics Support Squadron

ALSS is responsible for providing vital airfield support services including Fuels and Airfield Specialist MT (ASMT) as well as the overall management of the provision of passenger and freight transport services to RAF Brize Norton and dependent Units.

Airfield Support Mechanical Transport Flight

Airfield Support Mechanical Transport ASMT operates one of the largest and most diverse fleet of specialist vehicles in the Royal Air Force. With over 100 Service and Civilian personnel, they provide a range of services and equipment to support all aircraft, including: aircraft refueling bowsers, aircraft de-icing vehicles, air cargo handling equipment, heavy aircraft towing tractors, water trucks, high lift catering trucks and sewage trucks. They also support the airfield itself, carrying out runway sweeping throughout the year plus airfield de-icing and snow and ice clearance during the winter. Without ASMT, aircraft could not operate out of RAF Brize Norton.

Mechanical Transport Operations

Mechanical Transport Operations MT Operations comprises of 81 MOD civil servants, including 67 drivers, and is responsible for in excess of 500 vehicles ranging from articulated trucks, large passenger coaches to minibuses and cars, these vehicles are operated on the White Fleet Phoenix contract. In addition, MT Ops also operates a variety of MOD Green Fleet vehicles. MT Ops provides a 24-hour 365 day cover in support of the Station’s operational requirement, including driving the Station’s crash cover ambulance, support to OPERATION PABBAY, support to ADW training at other airfields and transporting crews and passengers in support of the flying programme, as well as supporting requests for personnel working on unit needing transport for visits, courses, detached duty, meetings etc. Further, during the winter they grit roads on the domestic site and clear them of snow.

Fuels and Lubricants Flight

Fuels and Lubricants Fuels Flight at RAF Brize Norton consists of a small team of dedicated, highly professional and motivated individuals who operate in either Aviation Fuels or Ground Fuels overseen by as small Management Team.

Aviation Fuels control the largest F&L infrastructure in the RAF and holds the second largest quantity of aviation fuel in Europe. The only Base in the RAF to fully utilise an underground Hydrant Refuelling System which is capable of refuelling and defuelling aircraft simultaneously whilst receiving fuel from externally sources through the GPSS. Ensuring sufficient stocks are maintained for all flying tasks conducted daily and the Mission Critical Air Bridge to current operations.

Ground Fuels control all F&L packed stores and a Cylinder Compound ensuring that sufficient stocks are maintained of mission essential products utilised on a daily basis by all of our Flying Squadrons. They also maintain the MTFI ensuring that bulk diesel stock levels are maintained so that fuel is available 24/7/365 for all station and visiting vehicles. Between the months of Oct – Mar Op BLACKTOP becomes one of the primary roles for Ground Fuels ensuring sufficient bulk stocks of air craft Antifreeze and Runway Clearway ensuring that the Unit can remain open during period of inclement weather.

An autonomous Training and Standards team that controls all the background processes ensuring the Flight maintains its high standards within the Wing and amongst Station Executives. Environmentally aware we have one of the largest bodies of Pollution Control Specialists within the MOD.

Mechanical Transport Training Flight

Mechanical Transport Training The 28 military and civilian staff of MT Trg & Stds Flt provides MT trg for the 5500+ Stn personnel, personnel deploying OOA and those of Parented Units. The Flt is split into 3 sections: Airfield Specialist Vehicles (STS), Air Cargo Handling Equipment (ACHE) and MT Trg & Licensing (MT T&L). STS provides trg on the vehicles that keep RAF Brize Norton airfield moving. This includes domestic water trucks, aircraft lavatory trucks, high-lift catering trucks, aircraft towing tractors, snow clearance and aircraft de-icing vehicles. This trg is also provided to RAF TG6 Logs (Driver) pers deploying overseas from across the whole of the RAF. The ACHE section ensures that our Logs (Mover) personnel are sufficiently trained to operate the multitude of equipment they are required to use at home and in theatre. These include Rough Terrain Fork Lift trucks, large Counter Balance Fork Lift trucks and Atlas cargo handlers. MT T&L provide licences from a basic car licence (cat B) to MAN Service Vehicle (SV) off-road instruction, as well as ensuring that all MOD drivers at RAF Brize Norton and its Parented Units are operating vehicles legally and in accordance with regulations. MT T&L is responsible for ensuring all road traffic accidents and incidents are reported and progressed off Station.

APOE Catering

Gateway House is established to provide a complete range of accommodation, dining and bar services for military and civilian personnel and dependants of all ages, travelling by air from or to RAF Brize Norton. The accommodation consists of bedrooms furnished with twin single beds. These rooms have no en-suite facilities, but bathrooms are provided on each corridor.

Meals for entitled passengers are provided in an all ranks dining room and this service is available to all others on a repayment basis. Passengers are able to relax before, or after, their journey in comfortable lounge bars and a reception service is provided.

Gateway services are available all year round, and are provided by ISS Catering, Retail and Leisure.

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