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“Programme GATEWAY will design the future operating model by which RAF Brize Norton will deliver effective, efficient and safe air mobility to meet the UK’s future Rapid Global Air Mobility requirement. Its success is dependent on realising all of the potential benefits which an Enhanced Operating Model will bring and ensure that our people and the modern fleet of aircraft are employed in the most agile and effective manner.”

Senior Responsible Officer, Air Officer Commanding Number 2 Group,
Air Vice Marshal Sean Reynolds

Programme GATEWAY’s aim is:

“To transform RAF Brize Norton as the UK’s primary Air Mobility base to develop an optimised, effective and efficient Rapid Global Air Mobility Force in support of UK’s future Air Mobility needs.”


Following the relocation of the Hercules Force from RAF Lyneham as part of Project CATARA, Programme FUTURE BRIZE, with Air Officer Commanding Number 2 Group as the Senior Responsible Officer, sought to address the broader issues surrounding the collocation of the Air Mobility Force at RAF Brize Norton. Granted a broader, transformational, remit in 2013, it was renamed Programme GATEWAY.

The Programme Director, Mr Eryl Smith, and Group Captain Martin Cunningham as the Programme Manager, were appointed in 2014, and joined in July by the Programme Development Partner (PDP). The PDP, an alliance of different companies, is primed by KPMG and was procured under Defence and Security Public Contract Regulations. The PDP brings with it a number of core skills that do not exist widely in MOD. The joint team numbers around 40 people, and is located in the single story building Number S44/46, which is located next to the Base Support Wing Headquarters.


The final scope of the Programme will be determined by the options that are developed. Constraining the scope to the geographical boundary of RAF Brize Norton would clearly not capture the many dependencies upon which the Air Mobility Force relies in delivering its task; equally, a boundless scope would confer upon the Programme an unmanageable task. For the purpose of the Programme, therefore, the scope is linked to the Enterprise, which MOD described as:

‘the resources and infrastructure required to deliver an integrated Air Transport and Air-to-Air Refuelling (ATAAR) and Air Port of Embarkation (APOE) capability from the geographic footprint of RAF Brize Norton, following the collocation of the UK MOD’s strategic and tactical Air Transport (AT) assets in 2012.’

Programme Plan

The Programme is planned to develop an Enhanced Operating Model over three years, with an Initial Gate in Q2 15/16, a Review Note in Q2 16/17, and a Main Gate in Q2 17/18. The Senior Responsible Officer chairs the 2 Star Programme Board, which includes members from MOD (including the Defence Infrastructure Organisation), Joint Force Command, Air Command and Defence Equipment & Support. The Programme has been appointed as a Category A Programme, on the basis of its nature rather than its value. It will, therefore, be subject to Office of Government scrutiny and assurance.

Downloadable Documents

20160107-PGW_RFI_Clarification_Responses_Update - Download (pdf)

PGW Aiport Support Engineering Cargo and Logistics Industry RFI Questionnaire v1 - Download (.doc)

20151223-PGW_RFI_Clarification_Responses - Download (pdf)

ProgrammeGATEWAY Airport, Support Engineering, Cargo and Logistics Industry BriefingPack - Download (pdf)

ProgrammeGATEWAY Airport, Cargo, Support Engineering and Logistics Industry DayAttendees List - Download (pdf)

ProgrammeGATEWAY Airport, Support Engineering, Cargo and Logistics Industry RFIQuestions - Download (pdf)

Programme GATEWAY Industry Day Presentation 14 December 2015 - Download (pdf)

Programme GATEWAY Industry Day 14 December 2015 - Download (pdf)

Programme GATEWAY Industry Day 08 July 2015 - Download (pdf)

Programme GATEWAY Industry Day Presentation 08Jul15 - Download (pdf)

RAF Brize Norton 2016+ Phase 1 Integration Study - Download (pdf)

Mott MacDonald Final Report - Download (pdf)

Supplier Engagement Pack - Download (pdf)

Supplier Forum Key Messages - Download (pdf)

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