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Chip and pin facility for the payment of indulgence fees is now available.

Check-In at the RAF Brize Norton Air Terminal will open 4.5 hours prior to the scheduled departure time for all flights (This excludes movements through the Joint Air Mounting Centre (JAMC) at South Cerney). All passengers are to adhere to the report times detailed in the Defence Passenger Reservation Centre Passenger Itinerary. The facility to drop-off baggage outside of this check-in time is no longer available.

Personnel requiring overnight accommodation are to report directly to the Gateway House Hotel with all of their baggage and appropriate identification required to fly. Personal weapons can be stored in the Stn Armoury overnight. An MT shuttle-bus service will be available to transfer passengers from the Gateway House Hotel (via the Stn Armoury if required) to the Air Terminal in time to meet check-in.

Passengers please note, those using a military DII terminal to browse the passenger information pages may experience expired dates and timings. This is due to a lag time in the network when updating the web pages. For best results please use a non-DII terminal.

All timings may be subject to last minute changes. For up to date information please call the Passenger Information Line on 01993 895861 (Military 95461 x5861).


Accompanied Air Baggage. For the purposes of travel on Mil AT, includingcharter aircraft and commercial air passage accompanied air baggage is definedas suitcases and bags holding a passenger’s personal belongings limited toitems such as clothing, footwear, toiletries, books and personal portableelectronic devices such as MP3/IPODs, hand held game consoles and laptopcomputers. Baggage should not exceed the dimensions: 100cm X 60cm X 45cm, with a Max Weight of 32kgs peritem.

Personal Belongings. A passenger’s personal belongings that include engineeringequipment, household goods including TVs, desktop PCs and OUTSIZED items are examples of air freight and when required to betransported at public expense is termed ‘unaccompanied baggage’.

Sports Equipment. For items of sports equipmentwhich do not comply with the revised Hold Baggage Dimensions as detailed abovethese items will be categorised as excess baggage or freight. However, toenable sports teams/individuals to travel with their equipment conditions applyas detailed:

JSP 800, Volume 2, Part 2, Chapter 6, Paragraph 5.

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