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Flight Departures

We are only able to provide accurate information regarding flights departing at RAF Brize Norton within the next 24 hours both on this website and via the Passenger Information Line.

Timings may be subject to last minute changes. For up to date information please call the Passenger Information Line on 01993 895861 (Military 95461 x5861).

Under no circumstances are vehicles to be left in the short, medium or long term car parks at RAF Brize Norton without prior approval and a permit from Check in staff.

Vehicles left without authorisation will be ticketed.

Accompanied Air Baggage. For the purposes of travel on Mil AT, including charter aircraft and commercial air passage accompanied air baggage is defined as suitcases and bags holding a passenger’s personal belongings limited to items such as clothing, footwear, toiletries, books and personal portable electronic devices such as MP3/IPODs, hand held game consoles and laptop computers. Baggage should not exceed the dimensions: 100cm X 60cm X 45cm, with a Max Weight of 32kgs per item.

Personal Belongings. A passenger’s personal belongings that include engineering equipment, household goods including TVs, desktop PCs and OUTSIZED items are examples of air freight and when required to be transported at public expense is termed ‘unaccompanied baggage’.

Sports Equipment. For items of sports equipment which do not comply with the revised Hold Baggage Dimensions as detailed above these items will be categorised as excess baggage or freight. However, to enable sports teams/individuals to travel with their equipment conditions apply as detailed in:

JSP 800 vol 2 Part 2, Chapter 6, Paragraph 5

Indulgence information

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South Atlantic Air Bridge

Due to runway repairs required to the Ascension Island runway the MOD will be rerouting the South Atlantic Airbridge. From 11 June the flight will transit via Cape Verde.

Passengers are to contact their local booking office for up to date flight departure / arrival information prior to travel. We will ensure the continuation of military support to the Falkland Islands.We are also working with the Foreign Office to continue to support the people who live and work on Ascension Island.


What is the new Control of Entry Policy?

RAF Brize Norton introduced a new Control of Entry policy on 1 October 2017, which affects non-pass holders travelling as passengers on the South Atlantic Airbridge.

Who does it affect?

If you hold a valid:

· MoD ID card (MoD Form 90)

· Dependent’s Pass

· RAF Brize Norton Pass

· ‘ZUB’ Mount Pleasant Pass

· Are escorted by someone with any of the passes listed above

· Are part of the SAMA organisation

You will not be subject to the new regulations, and may access RAF Brize Norton Air Terminal as normal.

Why has the new policy been introduced?

This new policy has been introduced in order to ensure greater safety and security for all personnel and passengers at RAF Brize Norton. It will mitigate against the risk of individuals who are unfamiliar with RAF Brize Norton inadvertently entering a dangerous or controlled area, or losing their bearings whilst on Station.

How can you continue to transit through RAF Brize Norton?

If you do not hold any of the above passes, please note the below instructions on how to gain access.

For Outbound flights, if you do not hold any of the above passes, you will be required to:

1. Report to the Main Gate no later than 2.5 hours prior to your flight departure time, where your identity will be checked against the booked list for the flight.

2. You will be issued with an orange ‘Terminal Only’ pass, please display this on your person at all times.

3. You are requested to wait in the Visitor Reception Centre adjacent to the Main Gate. There are toilet facilities, refreshment vending machines and a seating area to wait for transport that will escort you to the Air Terminal.

4. A coach will arrive at the Main Gate at the 3 hour prior to departure time, which will escort you and your bags to the Air Terminal.

5. At the Air Terminal you will be checked in by Movements Staff as usual; however, you will not be permitted to leave the Air Terminal building unless escorted by a valid pass holder.

For Inbound flights, if you do not hold any of the above passes, you will be required to:

1. On arrival at RAF Brize Norton once you have cleared Immigration and collected your bags, you will be identified by RAF Police as a non-pass holder and given an orange ‘Terminal Only’ pass.

2. You will be requested to wait in the Air Terminal for a short time for a coach to transport you to the Main Gate. You will not be permitted to leave the Air Terminal building independently unless escorted by a valid pass holder.

3. From the Main Gate, you will be able to meet any taxis or onward transport to take you to your final destination.

What Can I Do To Make The Process Easier?

If you are a regular traveller on the South Atlantic Airbridge and are based in the Falkland Islands, you can apply for a Mount Pleasant ‘ZUB’ pass through the Military Police at the JSPSU at Mount Pleasant Complex. Please contact them for further information.

Departure Flight details last updated on 1620 17th Nov 2017


Flight Number

Estimated Time of Departure (All Times Local UK Time)

Check In

17th Nov




18th NovRR230008300400-0530
19th NovRR232006000130-0300
20th NovTOW223001102040-2210

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