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Working Groups

Engaging With the Community

As part of our on going commitment to our local communities, we are dedicated to building and sustaining a positive dialogue with our neighbours; informing, involving, and reporting back to them.

We also attend local parish meetings on request, as well as holding our established Community Briefing Days and Key Stakeholder Events.

Local Consultation Working Group

The purpose of the Local Consultation Working Group (LCWG) is to provide an opportunity for sharing ideas and for highlighting issues which may affect our neighbours. It is not aimed at any particular village or issue, but rather a forum for discussing a wide range of topics.

The meetings will be chaired by Group Captain Support and will be held quarterly.

An invitation to attend will be extended to one representative from each of the 26 local Parishes and they will act as a conduit between the Station and the relevant Town or Parish council.

The Terms of Reference for the Local Consultation Working Group can be found here.

The Agenda for the LCWG meeting can be found here.

LCWG Meeting Minutes

07 Sep 16 – Minutes

18 Jan 16 - Minutes

07 Sep 15 - Minutes

15 Jun 15 - Minutes

09 Feb 15 - Minutes

13 Oct 14 - Minutes

27 May 14 - Minutes

20 Jan 14 - Minutes

30 Sep 13 - Minutes, Annex A, Annex B, Annex C.

29 Jul 13 - Minutes

28 Jan 13 - Minutes

25 Apr 12 - Minutes

11 Oct 11 - Agenda and Minutes (Updated with 'Action' comments 25 Apr 12).

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