York House Mess

Station Facilities

The College has an abundance of indoor & outdoor sports facilities, an excellent swimming pool and a major equestrian centre, along with gliding and flying clubs. We are the Home for Sport for 11 different RAF Sports including Swimming, Martial Arts, Boxing, Rugby League and Polo.

There is also a wealth of educational, recreational, social and support facilities for adults and children within the College; facilities which include the Brunei Community Centre and HIVE.

Accommodation consists of:

4 Officers’ Messes: College Hall, York House, Daedalus and No 1 Mess

The Warrant Officers’ and Sergeants’ Mess.

The Junior Ranks and Candidates’ Mess with accommodation blocks.

The various Messes have bars for their respective personnel and the all-ranks ‘Hollowday Club’ incorporates a bowling alley.

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