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29 September 2015 - can only manually post tweets and social media - so far

29 Sep 1940 Fg Off Lovell was promoted & given command of B flight and 4 new pilots arrived or replace recent losses. An expensive few weeks.

28 Sep 1940 Plt Off Chalder was shot down and despite treatment succumbed to his wounds on 10 Nov 1940. He'd only joined 41 Sqn on 15th Sep.

27 Sep 1940 Sgt Plt Usmar from 41 Sqn shot down in #BattleOfBritain in view of his parents. @RoyalAirForcet.co/gfknF775PB

Great pic of the fantastic Tornado celebrating centenary of 4 distinguished @RoyalAirForce sqns. Still serving. t.co/yBHMayhEJU

26/09 Enemy bomber formations got through to Woolston and bombed the Supermarine factory, affecting production. t.co/eV9a10JduA

Seek and Destroy

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