7 Force Protection Wing

7 Force Protection Wing personnel

No 7 Force Protection (FP) Wing Headquarters

15 Squadron Royal Air Force Regiment badge

No 7 Force Protection Wing Headquarters
(7FP Wg HQ) formed at RAF Coningsby in
2008 and is a small, high readiness unit of
RAF Regiment, RAF Police, RAF Intelligence specialists and support staff who are tasked with providing Force Protection Command and Control to deployed air assets. The HQ also has day-to-day command of No 15 Squadron Royal Air Force Regiment, which is based at
RAF Honington. The recently formed Wing had the distinction of being the last Royal Air Force ground fighting unit to leave Iraqi soil at the end of Operation Telic major combat operations in 2009.

The Wing continues to play a significant role in the defence of UK assets abroad as pre-deployment training and preparations are well underway for the Wing’s deployment to Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan in November 2010.

7 FP Wing History

7 Force Protection Wing badge

The badge reflects the association that No 7 Royal Air Force Protection Wing Headquarters has with the Middle-East. Shortly after its re-formation and rejoining the Royal Air Force’s order of battle in 2008, No 7 Wing’s first deployment was to Basra, an area with long association with the Royal Air Force Regiment and its ancestor formations. Basra Province, and especially the former Royal Air Force Station at Shaibah, are closely associated with the armoured car companies that operated from there from the 1920s and which were the earliest ground fighting forces of the Royal Air Force. The red rays of the rising sun are drawn from the badge of the Middle East Air Force, founded and based in Iraq, with the crossed Jambiya (daggers) those of the Royal Air Force Iraqi Levies. The sun’s centre of Lincoln Green alludes to the Wing’s association with the County of Lincolnshire, where it was re-formed at RAF Coningsby.

The motto Protegere Libertas Usquam translates freely as ‘To Protect Freedom Anywhere’, which describes accurately the expeditionary nature of a deployable Force Protection Wing Headquarters. It is inspired by the mottos of the two squadrons initially placed under the Wing’s command at the time of its re-formation: No 15 Squadron Royal Air Force Regiment’s motto translates as ‘To be Reckoned with Anywhere’ and No 2503 Squadron Royal Auxiliary Air Force Regiment’s as ‘Freedom of the Sky and of the Land’.

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