A Typhoon aircraft in flight

Defence Aerodrome Manual

Defence Aerodrome Manual

The updated Defence Aerodrome Manual for RAF Coningsby will shortly be available.

The available annexes to the manual are linked below:

Annex H Orders to cover all noise abatement procedures, including high power groundrunning

Annex I Orders for temporary obstructions on or around any manoeuvring area that are considered to be a hazard to either aircraft or vehicles

Annex J Orders for both the maintenance and safe operation of the RHAG

Annex K Orders for both the safe operation and maintenance of the barrier

Annex L Orders for the safe parking, manoeuvring, refuelling and servicing of aircraft

Annex M Emergency Orders / Aerodrome Crash Plan

Annex N Orders for Disabled Aircraft Removal

Annex O Aerodrome Rescue and Fire Fighting Service Orders

Annex Q Air Traffic Control Orders (Operational)

Annex S Aerodrome Serviceability Inspections - Orders

Annex T Aerodrome Technical Inspections - Orders

Annex U Protection of Radar and Navigation Aids - Orders

Annex V Surveillance Equipment Maintenance & Monitoring - Orders

Annex W Navigation Equipment Maintenance & Monitoring - Orders

Annex X Aerodrome Works Safety - Orders

Annex Y Control of Entry and Access - Control orders

Annex Z Aerodrome Users - Vehicle and Pedestrian Control - Orders

Annex AA Wildlife Management (Birds) - Orders

Annex BB Wildlife Management - Orders

Annex CC Handling of Hazardous Materials (Spillage Plan) - Orders

Annex EE Low Visibility Operations (LVP) - Orders

Annex FF General Orders – Terms and Conditions / Use of MOD Aerodromes by civil aircraft

Annex GG Breach of Terms and Conditions - Orders

Annex HH Thunderstorm & Strong Wind Procedures - Orders

Annex II Electrical Ground Power Procedures - Orders

Annex JJ Aviation Fuel Management Procedures - Orders

Annex LL Compass Swing Area - Orders

Annex NN FOD Prevention, Training and Awareness - Orders

Annex PP Hydrazine (H70) Leak - Orders

Annex QQ Aircraft Arresting Mechanisms (Rotary Hydraulic Arrestor Gear (RHAG) /Portable Hydraulic Arrester Gear (PHAG) / Barriers) etc - Orders

Annex RR Snow and Ice Operations - Orders

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