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24 August 2013

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29 (Reserve) Squadron deploy on summer training

As part of routine annual summer exercises, 10 Typhoon aircraft, pilots, and supporting engineers from 29 (Reserve) Squadron at RAF Coningsby will shortly deploy to Akrotiri in Cyprus on exercise, continuing the long tradition of RAF personnel taking advantage of the training facilities and the almost guaranteed good weather that the base offers.

The primary role of 29(R) Squadron is to train pilots from other aircraft types to fly and operate the Typhoon. During training the pilots will undertake a variety of missions, giving them the skills they need to fully utilise the world beating capability of the multi-role Typhoon aircraft.

29 Squadron Typhoon

The students come form a range of backgrounds from those who have just completed pilot training to officers of 15 years experience about to take over a Squadron. The majority of personnel will be from 29(R) Squadron. A small number of personnel from other units will be deployed in support of the exercise including Hawk aircraft from 100 Squadron.

Sqn Leader Rowena Frewin, Officer Commanding Mission Support Flight, 29 Squadron, said:

“Overseas deployments for the Operational Conversion Unit are a key part of training – allowing pilots to fly in an unfamiliar environment. Primarily it’s a great opportunity to take people out of their comfort zone and allow them to test themselves against new situations and give our engineers and pilots practice and experience in the kind of issues that arise when deployed on operations”.

The squadron and their Typhoon aircraft are due to be in Cyprus for approximately three weeks.

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