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23 November 2007

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The latest and most capable versions of Typhoon, the Royal Air Force’s state-of-the-art multi-role fighter, have been given new designations to signify the addition of surface attack capabilities.

The initial production aircraft, capable of employment in the air defence role only, were known as Typhoon T Mk 1, for the two-seat variant, and Typhoon F Mk 2 for the single seat variant.

A block 5 Typhoon






New “Mark” numbers have now been assigned to both single-seat and twin-seat Typhoons which have been upgraded or built new to so-called Block 5 standard, which adds surface attack and reconnaissance capabilities to the aircraft’s existing air defence capability.

Thus, the upgraded two-seat aircraft are now Typhoon T Mk 3s (abbreviated Typhoon T3), and the upgraded single-seater aircraft are Typhoon FGR Mk 4s (abbreviated Typhoon FGR4). The FGR designation denotes Fighter, Ground Attack and Reconnaissance.


Photograph: SAC Mark Dixon

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