Middlesex Suite Appartment - Lounge/Dining Room

Families Contact Accommodation

Two Self Contained Apartments and a House

RAF Coningsby Personnel and their families now have access to three contact accommodation facilities: two self contained apartments and a house.

The accommodation can be used by Service Personnel for:

  • Family accommodation in times of crisis.
  • Access visits for children of divorced or separated personnel.
  • At weekends or up to a maximum of one week in any of the school holidays, for support visits from wider family, e.g. parents or grandparents, where they cannot be accommodated in the family quarter.
  • Up to three days in the week when marching (moving) in or out of their permanent Service Families Accommodation.

Middlesex House

Middlesex House is located on one of the Service Families Accommodation sites off Station, it comprises: a lounge, dining room, kitchen, w/c, three bedrooms, separate bathroom and toilet and a garden.


Dining Room



Middlesex Suite

The Middlesex Suite of two self contained apartments is located on the Station, there is also a private fenced outdoor play area and social space.

Apartment One comprises: lounge, kitchen/diner, two bedrooms and a bathroom.

Middlesex Suite Appartment - Bathroom

Middlesex Suite appartment - kitchen

Apartment Two comprises: living/dining room, kitchen, three bedrooms and bathroom.

Middlesex Suite appartment - lounge

Middlesex Suite appartment - bedroom

Welfare Priority

All users of the contact accommodation must be aware of the welfare priority and family nature of these facilities and make use of the premises in an appropriate manner. A set of guidelines covering use of the accommodation is available on request from the Chaplains' Clerk.

A donation of £10 per night is required for each of the apartments. A charge of £15 per night for the house, although this can be waived where the occupation is for welfare purposes. These donations and charges help to fund further improvements and pay the Defence Estates accommodation charge.

Check Availability

To check on the availability of the Family Contact Accommodation, and/or to make a booking, please telephone the 24 hour answer phone service on 01526 347561.

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