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Service Community Support Officer

Service Community Support Officer

The provision of primary community support at RAF Coningsby is the responsibility of the Station Commander. The role of the Service Community Support Officer is to assist and facilitate the provision of ‘first line’ community support to RAF Coningsby, its personnel and families.

The primary elements of the role are to act as a point of contact for occupants of Service Families Accommodation when issues arise and liaise with MODern Housing Solutions and Defence Estates Housing on the occupants’ behalf; engage with the living-in community; facilitate the Operational Stress Management and Resilience Policy for those who are departing on and returning from deployment and in partnership with the Community Support Team, provide briefings for Service personnel on community support issues, identifying the needs of families, and addressing them through the appropriate discipline.

If service family members wish to discuss any community support matter please contact by telephone, e-mail or call in.

Telephone: 01526 346091


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