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RAF Aerosystems Engineer and Management Training School

The RAF Aerosystems Engineer and Management Training School (AE&MTS) is based at RAF Cosford and delivers: aerosystems and management training to the RAF’s engineer officers, officer cadets, SNCOs and JNCOs, along with academic principles to airman as part of their trade training. Courses vary from a 14 month long Foundation Degree down to some of which are just a few weeks in length. The School trains over 1000 students per year including engineer officers from a number of overseas countries such as Sultanate of Oman, Nation of Brunei and, Kingdoms of Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. The training consists of a blended mixture of theory and practical exercises during which the students are able to use the School’s excellent training facilities, including aero-thermal laboratories and wind tunnels, as well as ‘live’ Jaguar aircraft; these give the students the opportunity to operate in a safe, supervised and simulated squadron environment.

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