Number 1 Radio School

No1 Radio School

No 1 Radio School

Part of the Defence School of Communication and Information Systems (DSCIS)

Part of the Defence School of Communications and Information Systems (DSCIS) with its HQ at Blandford, No1 RS is responsible for Phase 2 and 3 training of RAF Trade Group 4 (Information and Communication Technology (ICT)) personnel. No1 Radio School trains ICT Technicians to meet the RAF’s requirement for a huge range of complex communication, computers, information networks, sensors and detection systems in order to successfully undertake air operations across the globe.

The role of ICT technicians is to enable, operate and maintain the full range of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) employed by the RAF. At one end of the spectrum they need the traditional engineering skills required to maintain airfield and air defence systems and the other end they are responsible for the management of complex LAN, WAN and other information systems. ICT technicians play a vital role in delivering the information required by both commanders and front line operators to execute effective operations. They are often employed in tri-service and multi-national environments.

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