Station Charities and Community Initiative Fund

Application Process for Grant Monies

Each request for funding by a voluntary organisation or body must be supported by a completed application form. The application form is available from the website or by contacting SNCO P1 Flight, RAF Cosford, Wolverhampton, WV7 3EX. Telephone: 01902 377291 or email:

  1. The application form must be completed to ensure that the RAF Cosford Station Charities and Community Initiative Fund receives full details about what the project will entail and how the funding will be used to make a difference in the local area. This can then be used as the basis of the committee’s decision on funding allocations.
  2. Your local Shropshire Council’s Community Regeneration Officer will be able to offer support and guidance in the completion of the form prior to it be submitted to the Committee for consideration.
  3. Applications must demonstrate compliance with the following criteria:

    a) Expenditure must be for activity within the 20 mile boundary of RAF Cosford and preference will be given to applications in the immediate vicinity of RAF Cosford. Monies may only be granted to a cause or project outside of specified local community in exceptional circumstances with the full backing of the LCIF Committee.

    b) Expenditure must benefit the wider community and not just one exclusive organisation or group. For example, it would not be appropriate to make a contribution to a religious group but a contribution to say, improvements to a church hall which is open for bookings from the wider community would be acceptable.

    c) Applicants must provide evidence that the project is sustainable and the numbers of people who will benefit from the project.

    d) The budget should not be used to meet staffing costs of an organisation.

    e) Applications should provide information on match funding and their own fundraising activities.

  4. Contributions can be made to larger schemes with a number of funding sources. The applicant must confirm the status of any third party funding before incurring approved Station Charities and Community Initiative Fund expenditure on the whole project.
  5. Any organisation making a bid for funding must have a bank account in the name of the organisation to which payment will be made.

Payments to Organisations

  1. Once a grant has been approved by the RAF Cosford Community Initiative Fund Committee the applicant will be informed in writing by the Lead Officer.
  2. Senior Non-Commission Officer (SNCO) P1 will authorise payment by cheque.
  3. Any organisation in receipt of approved monies from the Local Joint Committees must acknowledge this support in any publicity.
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