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Space Challenge

  • RAF Cosford are exploring a programme of launching live streaming video into space.
  • Once funding is confirmed more details will be added.

RAF Cosford Glider Challenge

  • This challenge will engage with 15 schools
  • Through school based curriculum students design and build a glider
  • Culmination of the Project is the Final Competition at RAF Cosford

Engineering Education Scheme

  • EES runs from September through to April.
  • Cosford STEM ambassadors give the students a real world (RAF) problem.
  • 2015/16 project was based on the RAF marshalling wand.
  • 2016/17 project was based on Practical Refuel/Defuel training.

STEM Residential Week

  • This is a one week residential STEM camp which is organised by the RAF Youth Engagement Team.
  • The 5 day camp brings a group of (mainly) girls to RAF Cosford to gain an understanding or RAF capabilities and engineering.
  • Organised locally by Flight Lieutenant Marie Barber and Flying Officer Lorren Clark, this programme incorporates Defence School of Aeronautical Engineering capabilities with STEM activities.
  • It runs in the first week of Aug 17. Applications are co-ordinated by Sergeant Lyndsay Norman.

C3 Cosford Coding Club


#bbcmicrobitCurrently coding the BBC Micro:bit

  • We meet on a Monday evening 1830-2030 at the HIVE.
  • Aimed at young people aged 10-15.
  • For more information contact Sergeant Chris Mossman

RAF Cosford Airshow - STEM

  • Showcasing the best that the West Midlands and the country have to offer in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths the RAF Cosford Air Show STEM Hangar is an ideal chance to get real hands on experience of what it is like to be in some of the most diverse careers available. With RAF Cosford being the home to the training of RAF Technicians and Engineers it is a wonderful experience to see the opportunities available within the Royal Air Force and their civilian equivalents. Watch the fascinating shows on the stage, gather information about future education opportunities and see just where your passions for all things STEM could take you…
  • The Air Show is 11 Jun 2017. Any volunteers in the planning phase are welcome. Numerous STEM ambassadors are required on the day itself.

Race For The Line

  • STEMRaceLine The Regional Finals are held at RAF Cosford on 25 April 2017. This involves 30 schools and over 100 students. This exciting project involves firing real rockets fitted to model cars to explore the physics of propulsion and aerodynamics.
  • Visit the Website
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