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Off The Shelf

Activities available to deploy quickly and easily

Egg Drop Challenge


  • This egg-citing challenge is able to be delivered in 30 mins and is perfect for a carousel STEM event.
  • Sqn Ldr Eggburt Yoke has to survive a fall from his prototype helicopter.
  • Our team of budding young engineers have 100 RAF pounds to buy resource, design and build a fall arrest system. The shop is open for 10 mins at which point the prices double!
  • Can our engineers gain top marks by designing a successful system which is value for money? We shall see…

Build a Glider

  • We facilitate year 9-11 students to construct an aircraft that will ultimately fly in under a day.
  • Students discuss, design, and build their own glider in a classroom environment with basic kit such as bamboo canes, bin liners and black tape.
  • The day culminates in a test phase and then the all important competition and prizes are given in areas such as best design and longest flight.
  • The workshop is done in a day with STEM ambassadors visiting local schools. This gives the students a chance to explore STEM and provides them a taster of what it would be like to work within an engineering environment such as the RAF.

MTA Kits


  • A recent addition to the STEM inventory.
  • Successfully trailed when Sgt Chris Mossman, Cpl Mick Pope and Cpl Nick Maguire hosted sixth form students from King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls.

Lego Mindstorms


  • The RAF Museum have two kits; each consists of a central programmable unit and a box full of lego Techniques.
  • Controlled by a tablet and the coding skill of our young engineers, these robots can be made to operate a number of tasks!

The RAF Museum Youth Team hold the kits.

STIXX Paper Structures


  • This new capability to Cosford allows us to turn newspaper into structurally viable sticks or rods.
  • These can be used to build very strong structures such as wings, whole aircraft as well as bridges and chairs.
  • We have three machines and the resources to support a large group of students

Quick STEM Challenges


RAF Cosford has three quick challenges which can be deployed by themselves or compliment a larger activity. These are:

  • Milk Crates. Try to organise the milk bottles into row and columns of even numbers.
  • Towers of Hanoi. Transfer the segments from one tower to another.
  • Jumping Rats. Get the rats from one side to the other in as few moves as possible.

Rockets and Rocket Cars

  • This exciting challenge allows students to learn about propulsion and aerodynamics.
  • Run over about 1hr pergroup this activity is aimed at primary and early secondary students.
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