RAF Cosford Voluntary Band - Ensembles

Concert Band

The Dam Busters March and 633 Squadron may be reminiscent of our heritage, but the majority of our Concert Band repertoire is made up of music from stage and screen, solo items and a few surprises thrown in! A high proportion of our work in this formation is taken up supporting charity fundraising events and concerts in the community.
(40+ players)

Salon Band

Whether a military Mess Dinner or completely civilian event, our Salon Band makes the evening extra special with a selection of easy-listening melodies.
(11-15 players)

Clarinet Ensemble

The Clarinet Ensemble is the perfect accompaniment for a more intimate gathering, or where space is limited.
(4+ players)

Marching Band

'On Parade' during a ceremonial occasion, leading a civilian carnival procession or playing at a 'Sunset' Ceremony, you can't beat the sight and sound of a Military Marching Band.
(25 - 40+ players)

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