Why We Are Here

Why We Are Here

RAF Cosford's Role

RAF Cosford is the home to a number of RAF, a Defence and several civilian organisations. However, by far the largest number of Cosford employees are involved directly or in support of the delivery of military training of some sort. Several training schools are at the site and between them they are responsible for the provision of all Phase 2 and some Phase 3 training for the RAF trade specialisations of Aeronautical Engineering, Information and Communication Technology and Physical Training; the Defence school provides training in photography for the 3 Armed Services.

Following their Initial Officer Training at the RAF College Cranwell, future RAF Engineer officers also receive their Phase 2 specialist training at RAF Cosford.

  • Phase 2 Training is an initial specialist training which prepares Service personnel for their first employment. (It normally follows on from Phase 1 Training, which is initial training in the basic military skills required by all Service personnel).
  • Phase 3 Training prepares Service personnel for further employment with increased skill base and/or responsibility. It also encompasses training to meet career aspirations and professional development.

The training provided at Cosford prepares military personnel for careers in their specialist branch (officers) or trade (airmen) and for the performance of their branch/trade tasks on deployed operations.

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Work Experience

  • Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to co-ordinate the School Work Experience Programme that we have run in previous years.

    Work Experience Page

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Royal Air Force Careers

  • The RAF has a wide range of jobs on offer and sometimes it can be hard to know where to start looking.

    RAF Careers Web Site

Civilian Job Opportunities

  • The link below will take you to jobsearch.direct.gov.uk , please use this site to search for Cosford or DCTT jobs


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