Accommodation Information - Single

Accommodation Information - Single/Unaccompanied

This information page includes brief details of Service accommodation management and provides specific information for this local area. Further information is available on the MOD Defence Infrastructure Organisation website at and on the CarillionAmey website at

The Tri-Service Accommodation Policy can be found in Joint Service Publication (JSP) 464, the policy document for Service Family Accommodation (SFA), Single Living Accommodation (SLA) and the substitute equivalents on a worldwide basis. JSP 464 is available in the Service Community area of the MOD website at the following link: ation/Jsp464TriserviceAccommodationRegulationstsars.htm

A list of useful contacts is provided at the end of this information sheet.

Single Living Accommodation (SLA)

Unaccompanied personnel will usually be accommodated in Single Living Accommodation (SLA) at the duty station. Some SLA is undergoing modernisation as part of Project SLAM. The policy regarding SLA is contained within JSP 464, Part 3 (see Introduction). Your Chain of Command can provide information on local accommodation in addition to the information below.

Junior Ranks Accommodation

Under normal circumstances;
Bed, bookcase, side table and chair are supplied but can be returned if occupant has their own.
Short term courses up to two weeks have single rooms with shared ablutions.
Longer courses go into single rooms with en-suite.
Permanant staff blocks are en suite.
Bedding is supplied on arrival.
Tel: 01902 377634

SNCO Accommodation

175 Bed spaces – 40 of those are in twin rooms
All 110 West Rooms are en-suite
9 rooms on bottom floor east
16 rooms in middle floor east with 6 en-suites
Top floor east are all twin rooms.
Tel: 01902 377929

Officer Accommodation

All rooms have en suite shower
109 rooms in Main Mess, 49 rooms in Annex – Building Frost 306
Tel: 01902 377267

Substitute Service Single Accommodation (SSSA)

Where SLA is not available, the Services (at Unit/Formation level in accordance with single Service Regulation) may exceptionally authorise the provision of fully furnished and equipped Substitute Service Single Accommodation (SSSA), allocated and managed by the MOD Accommodation Agency Contractor. Full details on the SSSA scheme are available within JSP464, Part 3 (see introduction).

In exceptional cases personnel who qualify for SSSA may be provided with Lodging Allowance (UK only) to enable personnel to make private arrangements to rent furnished accommodation. Regulations for the payment of Lodging Allowance are in JSP 752 (see introduction).

Other Accommodation

Contact House

Contact Houses provide accommodation on a Unit or within an estate primarily for compassionate and contact reasons. They are available to personnel and their families who need temporary accommodation for short periods of time either for themselves or family members. In addition, subject to the prioritisation of compassionate need, the contact house can be used as a community facility to provide family members with accommodation which would not otherwise be available.

RAF Cosford has 3 Contact Houses and 1 Contact Flat – To check availability and make a booking please phone HIVE 01902 377828 or Community Support on 01902 377395

Visitors’ Accommodation

Various accommodation options are available from the local area for visitors.

Useful Contacts

  • Carillion Amery ( - 0800 707 6000
  • Station Community Support Officer (SCSO) - 01902 377310
  • Chief Clerk - 01902 377358
  • Officers Mess - 01902 377267
  • Sgts Mess - 01902 377929
  • General Duties Flight Assistant - 01902 377950
  • HIVE - 01902 377828
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