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Gun Team running with Field Gun The Field Gun Competition originates from the exploits of the Naval Brigade during the Boer War when 6 Naval Guns were manhandled from Durban, over 100 miles of arduous terrain to relieve the besieged town of Ladysmith. Queen Victoria requested that the event to be re-enacted for the British public at the 1900 Royal Tournament, and the display famously evolved into the annual Royal Navy Field Gun Competition where a gun and limber were manhandled over an obstacle course. Each year, teams from Devonport, Portsmouth and the Fleet Air Arm competed for the Command Trophy until the Royal Tournament was abolished in 1999.

Today, the sport lives on through the competition for the Brickwoods Trophy, which has been run every year since 1907. The competition involves racing a gun and limber over a 170 yd flat course. The Gun is taken from rest to action before withdrawing and firing a second, rearguard, action on the way.

At various stages throughout the run, wheels are changed and the gun and limber are ‘buttoned-up' and separated to simulate the gun's passage over the African veldt. The competition demands great levels of courage, physical and mental fitness but above all, peerless levels of teamwork. For these reasons the sport is widely acknowledged to be one of the toughest team sports in the world.

The Cosford Team

Field Gun Team

The Cosford crew was established in 2005,and was selected to compete for the 2005 Brickwood Trophy, in which we put on an excellent performance for a novice side.


The 2008 crew will be drawn from volunteers, from all services, of all ranks and rates and will be running against 18 teams from the Royal Navy and Army including teams from RNAS Yeovilton, Naples, Gibraltar and the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Field Gun Team removing wheel


Next season's crew will be the only one representing a Royal Air Force Command. Therefore, you will be representing not only Cosford but also the RAF.



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