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Social & Recreation

Social and Recreation

There are many Social and Recreational facilities and clubs at RAF Cosford that will suit most tastes.

Officers Mess

The Officers’ Mess at RAF Cosford is a contracted Mess staffed by civilian personnel and run, on behalf of the Commandant RAF, by the President of the Mess Committee and his Committee of serving personnel. The Mess enjoys many facilities which include a formal bar, a casual bar which has a conservatory, a pool table and a TV projection system, an ante room, a large dining room, a sepearte televison room, a conference room, cloakrooms and excellent accommodation facilities.

The Mess is located on the domestic site to the east of, and across the busy A41 from, the main technical training site. Entering through the domestic site gate, the Mess can be found immediately in front of you. Ample parking is available to the left side of the Mess as you approach the building.

WO & Sgts Mess

Every Warrant Officer and Senior NCO is a full member of the Sergeants' Mess of their parent unit and an Honorary member of every other Sergeants' Mess in the Royal Air Force as well as the corresponding Messes in the Army and Royal Navy.

Each Mess is run by a committee which has a chairman, the routine work being carried out by an established staff of service and/or civilian personnel under the supervision of the Mess Manager.

The Props Club

The Props Club is the Junior Ranks Social Club, providing a relaxing environment where customers can enjoy a drink and hot food. The Props Club is also the venue for the juniors annual Summer and Christmas Balls and also hosts regular discos and charitable events.

Dolphins Swimming Club

The Cosford Dolphins Swimming Club is not a "Competitive club" but instead provides ‘Learn-to-Swim' lessons for children and adults.

The Club follows the 'National Plan for Teaching Swimming' - where structured lessons guide students through the Skill and Stroke developments necessary to advance from a complete 'Non-Swimmer' - (ASA Level 0) all the way up to 'Pre_Competion' - (ASA Level 12)

  • Adults employed at Cosford and their dependant Children, from the age of 5, can join the club.
  • At present the club has approximately 120 members, ranging from non-swimmers to swimmers capable of competitive swimming.
  • All swimming sessions take place at the Station Pool and are run by ASA qualified Teachers.
  • The club is run by volunteers, hence the low cost of lessons (compared to civilian lessons).
  • We provide Amateur Swimming Association training courses; the qualification gained being recognised worldwide.

Live Music Club

The Cosford Live Music Club is currently open to all permenant staff, trainees and sponsored dependents for meetings of a musical nature. The facilities available include a 1200W PA system, 5 piece drum kit, acoustic and electric guitars, friendly help and advice.

Sub Aqua Club

A warm welcome awaits you at the RAF Cosford Sub Aqua Club, where the old and bold have been convinced to dispense with their lead boots and brass helmets in favour of a structured lesson plan and computer aided teaching packages in order to introduce the uninitiated to the delights of the under water world.

Youth Club

The aim of the Club is to help and educate young people through their leisure-time and association with their peers, to develop their physical and mental capacities so that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of their society, and to improve their lifestyle.

Motorcycle Club

The sun is shining, the sky is blue…. why not take the bike out for a spin? If that sounds like your thought process, then consider the reborn RAF Cosford Motorcycle Club. Meeting on a regular basis, the club has been established to promote and facilitate the pursuance of safe and enjoyable motorcycling for RAF and MOD employed personnel and their dependants. Whatever rank you are, AC to Air Cdre, you are all most welcome.

RAF Amateur Radio Society

The aims of the Society are to promote and foster amateur radio activities within the Royal Air Force and through Amateur Radio, to maintain and foster the close bonds that exist between radio amateurs serving in the Royal Air Force and those who have retired from, or have close links with, the Royal Air Force. For more information please see

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