Community Support Team (CST)

The RAF Cosford Community Support Team (CST). The aim of the CST is to provide a community support service to assist and advise personnel with the challenges that arise in their personal and service lives, and to enhance the morale and well being of service personnel and their families in order that service personnel are able to contribute efficiently to the output of the Armed Forces.

Community Development Officer (CDO)

Community Development Officer's (CDO's) are employed across the RAF.
The CDO is responsible for the strategic management of community support and voluntary groups and is the focal point for all liaisons with external community support agencies. The CDO is responsible for establishing and developing closer working links with these agencies in order to make better use of local resources. The CDO provides the college management team with an informed professional analysis of the needs of the Service community and an evaluation of the resources available to meet those needs.

The CDO is also the Station Disclosure Co-ordinator and all personnel wishing to undertake work, which involves children and young people, are required to apply for a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) clearance certificate.

The CDO will also provide information and assistance to service personnel on school admission appeals and provides face to face support for community groups, and can offer guidance for the planning and implementation of various communal projects.


The HIVE is an organisation for everyone belonging to all three services both in the UK and abroad. The HIVE offers information on a very broad range of issues from citizens' advice to tourist information.

ACORN Childcare Centre

The nursery caters for children between 3 months and 4 years 11 months and is open between 0745 and 1715 for 49 weeks of the year. Activities are planned and co-ordinated for each age group in the nursery and worked around a central theme. The activities are intended to develop key skills including:

  • Personal social & emotional skills
  • Language and literacy skills
  • Mathematics and numeracy skills
  • Science
  • The world around us
  • Physical Skills

The pre-school groups work relates to the Early Learning Goals. These are held both in and outdoors. Particular attention is paid to our babies and toddlers who are encouraged to develop all social and physical skills as well as enjoying the safe and homely surrounds and activities around them. The Nursery has also implemented the birth to 3 matters framework. We hold regular parent's consultation evenings for discussion about your child's progress in addition to the ongoing assessments on development.

It is a policy of the nursery to consider acceptance of all children. If any child has any special requirements, we will always do our best to accommodate them. The Nursery has appointed a Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) who works closely with parents, outside workers and Early Years. The SENCO receives regular training and is kept up to date with all areas of SEN.

Service Institute Fund

The Service Institute Fund (SIF) is a corporate body that organises, through the SIF Committee and various other RAF Welfare Committees, all welfare and amenity activities at unit level for RAF personnel of the rank of Cpl and below.

The SIF Committee meets to discuss the recreation and other activities entered into for the collective benefit of the Corporals and junior ranks of RAF Cosford. The SIF Committee consists of a representative number of Corporals and junior Service personnel from the various Squadrons and Flights of DCAE.

The SIF Committee, through their President, is responsible for the proper administration of the SIF including the authorisation of all SIF Grants. SIF Grants, subject to the full approval of the SIF Committee, are available to all junior Service personnel to support a host of welfare activities or projects.

Chaplaincy Services

The Chaplaincy Centre is situated next to the Families Club and the HIVE. It is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm and is available to anybody wanting a quiet place to pray, think or simply be.

There is a team of Chaplains available to offer pastoral support and a listening ear to all who live and work at RAF Cosford, as well as arranging baptisms and weddings.

As Chaplains we also provide a teaching input to training at Cosford in the form of the "Beliefs and Values Programme".

For details about regular Church services and small groups, or to arrange to speak with a Chaplain, please contact the Chaplains Clerk on 01902 377398.

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