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The aim of the Royal Air Force College Cranwell Flying Club is to provide flying instruction to PPL standard to current Service personnel at the lowest possible cost. In addition the Club aims to provide facilities for instructional and recreational flying for Service dependents, Service reservists, members of the ATC/CCF, retired Servicemen and entitled personnel. Limited facilities are available for operating privately-owned aircraft. Founded in 1960, the Club is run for administrative purposes as a civilian limited company with its members as nominal shareholders. All flying operations are in accordance with Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) regulations and Military Aviation Authority (MAA); the aircraft are on the civil register and Instructors, although some are Service personnel, hold commercial instructor's licences. In general the Club is self-financing through charges made to its members.

By courtesy of OC Ops Wg of RAFC Cranwell (who is the Club Chairman), the Club enjoys free use of Barkston Heath airfield, a large hangar and other support services and equipment. The Club can therefore offer some of the cheapest flying in the UK.

The club is also home to the Royal Air Force Flying Clubs’ Association (RAFFCA) Aerobatic Squad and can offer aerobatic instruction and aerobatic coaching for anyone wishing to enhance their flying skill and/or compete in BAeA Competition Aerobatics.

This site will point you in the right direction to get the information your require about CCFC.

Learning to fly and obtaining a private pilot's licence at the RAF Cranwell Flying Club

RAF Cranwell flying club provides ab-initio, aerobatics, tail wheel, night and instrument flying training to Service personnel and other entitled personnel. We also provide training and testing for Service aircrew. The club operates a Grob Tutor 115a, a T67 Firefly and a Cessna 150 TD aircraft for training or hire.

The current flying rates are £108 for the 115a, £140 for the Firefly and £75 for the 150TD. Based on take-off to touchdown times + 10min; there is no charge for prolonged taxiing times. Please note these rates do not include instruction, this is normally c.£20 per airborne hour.

For further information about the Club's aircraft or operations at the Club then please click on the ‘contact’ link above and email the Chief Flying Instructor.


The club offers a structured programme of flight and theoretical training conducted by qualified civilian flight instructors under the supervision of our Chief Flying Instructor. The training culminates in a flight skills test conducted by one of our CAA approved examiners and after successful completion the application is made to the CAA for the issue of a Private Pilot's Licence (PPL) or a Light Aircraft Pilot's Licence (LAPL) depending on the course taken. Both licences allow the holder to fly light aircraft throughout the UK and Europe but the PPL can be extended with additional ratings and larger aircraft. The LAPL can be upgraded to a PPL by additional training at a later date. The PPL course consists of a minimum of 45 hours of flight training plus a 2 hour skills test. The LAPL course consists of 32 hours of flight training which includes the 2 hour skills test. Both courses also require theoretical training and passes in the same 9 written examinations plus a pass in a practical Radio Telephony (RTF) examination. For the qualified pilot the club also offers post-graduate training including courses for the instrument (IMC) rating and night rating as well as biannual training flights, currency check flights, type conversions and differences training.

The total cost of ab-initio flying training at RAF Cranwell will be in the order of £6000 for a PPL and £4000 for a LAPL, both including all examinations and tests. Before flying solo student pilots will need a medical certificate (budget about £100) and at the end of the course will need to pay the CAA a licence issue fee of £183 for a PPL and £151 for a LAPL. These flight training hours are the minimum required for each of the licence types, individual candidates may require some extra instruction or practice flights.

It is also possible to gain an Aerobatic rating or a tailwheel differences training qualification.

For further information about flying training at the Club then please click on the ‘contact’ link above and email the Chief Flying Instructor.


Enhanced and Standard Learning Credits can be used by all Serving RAF personnel to conduct flying training, Service sports lottery funding is also available for aerobatic training. Please contact the club for further information.The costs for Service personnel can be reduced significantly by very generous bursaries and grants which may be available. These vary with personal circumstances but club officials will be able to discuss these with anyone interested.

For further information about Club administration then please click on the ‘contact’ link above and email the Club Secretary.

Joining the Club

For further information about joining the RAF College Cranwell Flying Club please contact the Membership Secretary by clicking on the ‘contact’ link above. We look forward to hearing from you.

Learning to Fly

Phil Burgess Upside Down

EASA Part-FCL(A), LAPL and UK NPPL including various ratings and professional licence information.

Pre-Flight Briefing & Preparation

ICAO Half Mil

Useful website for pre-flight planning, weather and NOTAM information.

Book a Flight


Aircraft booking via the e-allocator web based system.



Royal Air Force Flying Clubs' Association (RAFFCA)

RAF Flying Club Flight Safety

Civil Aviation Authority

  • Civil Aviation Authority

    The CAA is the UK's independent specialist aviation regulator. Its activities include economic regulation, airspace policy, safety regulation and consumer protection.

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