RAF Digby from the air


Joint Service Signal Unit (Digby)


JSSU (D) is an MOD sponsored unit whose mission is to provide operational support to the development of specialist communication information systems. JSSU (D) is the largest of several Joint Service Signal Units, and as its name implies it comprises personnel from all 3 UK and US Armed Forces, supported by specialist civilian staff and contractors. However, the RAF and the Army together make up most of the 500-strong complement.

In carrying out its mission, JSSU (D) operates both at home and on deployments overseas. In this regard, the unit carries out its own military and specialist training which ensures that individuals earmarked for such deployments are well prepared and able to look after themselves in the field.

JSSU (D) links with other national and international organisations, such as the US military, NATO, and other government departments, to ensure that communications capability is consistent between all users.

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