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Welcome to RAF Flying Clubs' Association

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RAFFCA President

Air Marshal Sir Christopher N Harper KBE CBE MA FCMI RAF.

RAFFCA Chairman

Air Commodore Al Seymour MA BSc (Hons) FRAeS FCMI QWI CFS RAF.

Aim Of The Association

Formed on the 1st April 2001, the aim of the Royal Air Force Flying Clubs Association (RAFFCA) remains to promote air mindedness throughout the RAF by affording Servicemen and women, regardless of rank or trade, the opportunity of learning to fly at the lowest cost.

Method Of Achieving The Aim

The association is the advisory body responsible to the MOD for the code of conduct of all non-publicly financed Flying Clubs in the RAF. RAFFCA is an association of independent member clubs and will achieve its aim by:

  • Encouraging liaison and communication amongst all the Flying Clubs of the RAF.
  • Advising an assisting with the formation and conduct of Flying Clubs within the RAF.
  • Encouraging General Aviation within the RAF.
  • Encouraging the participation of RAFFCA members in competitive sports flying contests.
  • Arranging representation of member clubs at meetings of national aviation bodies.
  • Promoting and encouraging General Aviation and air mindedness throughout the RAF.

More About RAFFCA

One of the benefits which membership of the Royal Air Force Flying Clubs Association 3D Coast UK Map. (RAFFCA) brings to all of us is discounted purchase deals on a range of items from major suppliers. A wide range of deals has now been available for over a year using the RAFFCA discount for headsets, GPS, kneeboards, radios etc etc. All club members - both military and civil are fully entitles to make use of these discounts. Speak to your club RAFFCA representative for details.

RAFFCA is keen to support Expeditions for member clubs, use of Enhanced Learning Credits for servicemen wishing to learn to fly, and to encourage participation by member clubs in competition flying events such as Air Racing, Precision Flying, Aerobatics and such things as TopNav. Some financial sponsorship may be available for service personnel in reducing the cost of participation in such events.
There are now quite a few flying clubs affiliated to RAFFCA and service members can take advantage of reciprocal membership arrangements to fly at other clubs for temporary period whilst on detachment or a visit.

RAFFCA Wings Scheme

In association with the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the RAF Flying Clubs’ Association (RAFFCA) is delighted to launch the RAFFCA Wings Scheme and welcomes applications from RAF Flying Club members. The Pilot Recognition for Operational Up-skilling and Development (PROUD) scheme is a new initiative by the CAA that aims to improve the skill levels of private pilots whilst also encouraging General Aviation (GA) associations and organisations to provide 'life-long' learning programmes for their members to help improve safety. The Scheme provides a framework for pilot training programmes to meet in order to achieve the CAA endorsement. Programmes must include a number of levels and show a logical progression of learning and development.

The RAFFCA Wings Scheme is approved by the CAA as PROUD provider No.007 and, as the first military flying organisation to achieve this prestigious accreditation, RAFFCA can award Wings for RAFFCA pilots at Cadet, Pilot, Bronze, Silver and Gold levels depending on a number of requirements and achievements for each level.

The scheme has been designed in collaboration with all 15 RAF Flying Clubs, and it recognises the unique mix of civilian and military skills and qualifications that can be obtained by club pilots. RAFFCA is especially pleased to adopt the excellent PROUD construct amongst its member clubs in order to develop piloting skills and knowledge through continued training and the ‘stretching’ of personal flying boundaries. The Scheme starts with a deliberately low entry standard to encourage the new trainee pilot to engage with the Scheme and encourage an early start to building on his/her initial PPL award.


In order to gain access to the RAFFCA E-Allocator page, or to find out who your Club RAFFCA Representative is, please select Contacts and go to the RAFFCA Comms page for further details.

Meet the Team

Please view our contacts page for a comprehensive list of Committee Members. For further information on RAFFCA, please contact Wg Cdr Gus Cabre, the Association's Deputy Chairman and Secretary.

Website Updates & Club Events

Please pass update requests to our website, including forthcoming events and news, to the Website Manager - Aaron Garcha, ATC Sqn, RAF Akrotiri at

Clubs are requested to check their details for currency and report any changes to the above e-mail address.

Latest News

RAFFCA Christmas Message 2016


15 December 2016

RAFFCA Chairman acknowledges an outstanding 2016 for @RAFFlyingclubs made possible by valued supporters and organisations.

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Junior Ranks' Pilot Scholarship Scheme 2017

PA28 Cockpit

14 November 2016

The 2017 Junior Rank Pilot Scholarship Scheme is now open... This year 30 candidates will be selected.

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RAFFCA Code of Practice


RAFFCA Code of Practice for Service Flying Clubs


Aircraft Wing.

RAFFCA SMS Version 4

Qualified Military Pilots


Information for QSPs wishing to gain various licences and ratings.

Pre-Flight Briefing & Preparation


Useful website for pre-flight planning, weather and NOTAM information.

RAFFCA Instructor Remuneration


The advice below has now been received from DDLS (RAF) staff.

Learning to Fly

Learning To Fly.

EASA PPL and NPPL including various ratings and professional licence information.

Junior Rank Pilot Scholarships

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    JRPSS 2017 is now open! This year 30 Scholarships will be awarded.


  • Docoration

    How to gain access to the RAFFCA E-Allocator and Cloud System.

    RAFFCA Comms

Fly On Track

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    Website dedicated to the reduction of airspace infringements.

    Fly On Track

General Aviation Safety Council

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    GASCo is a Charity that works to improve flight safety in all forms of general aviation. It is funded by the contributions of member organisations, pilots, aviation authorities and the public


Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association

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Civil Aviation Authority

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    The CAA is the UK's independent specialist aviation regulator. Its activities include economic regulation, airspace policy, safety regulation and consumer protection.

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