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Pre-Flight Briefing

Sky Demon Light

This website has been created for FREE pre-flight planning and plotting of NOTAMS on a very easy to use chart. This is most certainly worth checking out and is a valuable tool to the GA community.

Listening Squawks

There is a graphic now available for your kneeboard on the listening squawks for UK CTA/CTR.

Royal Flights and Temporary Restricted Areas

0500 354 802


The websites here are just a small offering of what pilots can use to ensure they have the necessary information for the safety of their flight. The UK Aeronautical Information Services wesbite is UK official source of NOTAM information and will require free registration to access.

AV Brief

The cost of the service ranges from £25.85 to £59.22 per year.


This site uses a variety of unofficial data sources, some of which could be unreliable. Nothing here is certified for flight or indeed any other purpose. This site does provide a graphical map of the NOTAMS that can be cross referenced through official sources.



Too much information to list on this page. This site is well worth checking out and adding to your favourites.

AV Brief

The cost of the service ranges from £25.85 to £59.22 per year. There is a free service to guests, which includes:

  • F215/215
  • Worldwide TAF/METAR
  • UKMO World Charts

US National Weather Service

BBC Weather Service

XC Weather UK

This site is a great quick reference, graphical representation of the weather and will be found useful by all pilots.

Weather Commerce

Weather Online

Skylink Weather

Skylink weather contains a great deal of information bundled up in a useful graphical interface.

Aeronautical Information Services (AIS)

  • NATS Logo.

    The UK Aeronautical Information Services (AIS).


Met Office Aviation Weather

  • MET Office Logo.

    A comprehensive range of high quality weather products, agreed with the CAA, as well as training courses for those who fly recreationally.

    Met Office Aviation Briefing
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