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Qualified Military Pilots (QMP)

Qualified Military Pilots & EFT Graduates

CAP 804 - Part O Dated Jan 13

The Military Accreditation Scheme (MAS) for Qualified Military Pilots (QMP) and Elementary Flying Training Graduates (EFTGs) have now been published in Section 4, Part O of CAP 804. Please visit www.caa.co.uk/cap804 for more information.

If you have completed your FHT and have successfully graduated from EFT, then to gain an EASA Part-FCL PPL(A), you will need to complete the following:

  • All Ground Theory Exams
  • Qualifying Cross Country
  • Class 2 Medical
  • Have at least 10 hours solo and meet the x-country minimum
  • Pass a Skills Test

With the current EFT syllabus, unless you have previous flying experience, graduates of EFT will fall short of the required solo hours for the issue of a PPL. Once you are cleared as a solo student in the Club aircraft, you will have the chance to build your solo flying hours to meet the minimum requirement. The solo flight time for the Qualifying Cross Country will count towards the 10 hours.

I already have my Wings Brevet!

Your training requirements for an EASA Part-FCL PPL(A) is the same as EFTGs, however, you may wish to check the MAS document in CAP 804 as you may wish to peruse a professional licence.

I would just like a National PPL

The accredication scheme for NPPL has gone untouched by the regulators. Please visit http://www.nationalprivatepilotslicence.co.uk/

I would like to go ahead for my PPL, who do I need to speak to?

Any of the Club Instructors or Committee members will point you in the right direction. Flt Lt Chris Edmondson can answer your queries on 07769 341160 or preferably on his email address chrisedmondson@hotmail.co.uk

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