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RAFFCA Communications

RAFFCA Communications

RAFFCA E-Allocator

Access to the RAFFCA E-Allocator is organised through your Club RAFFCA Rep or OIC. This is a simple on-line booking and notification system that we use to communicate all the hot topics being discusses and organised by RAFFCA and it's members. We also use this for advertising club level events, as an interest forum and booking system for the equipment that RAFFCA has procured and is currently being held at the RAF Waddington Flying Club. Every Club has an account to access the RAFFCA E-Allocator.

Yahoo Group

Please migrate towards the RAFFCA E-Allocator. This tool is now being phased out of use.


Service users of DII(F) can access the RAFFCA MOSS Site via the RAF Sports Board MOSS page.


Please view our contacts page for a comprehensive list of Committee Members. For further information on RAFFCA, please contact Wg Cdr Gus Cabre, Secretary of the Association. A list of RAFFCA Flight Safety Officers can also be found in the Contacts section of this website.

RAFFCA Club Representatives


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